Dear Republicans:

After last week’s e-blast broke the news that a higher percentage of young Republicans than young Democrats voted in the Colorado Springs mayoral runoff, some on the left were quick to defend their party’s apathy. One bright young Democrat, a high school classmate of mine, wrote that Democrats didn’t vote in the mayoral runoff because they knew that Republicans would dominate the election anyway.

But Republicans shouldn’t rest easy. Even where there is a large discrepancy in party affiliations, turnout is the most significant factor in a campaign’s success or failure.

If Democrats had voted at the rate of Republicans in the Colorado Springs mayoral runoff (51.8% turnout), and Republicans had voted at the rate of Democrats (22.5% turnout), more Democrats than Republicans would have cast ballots.

That’s why it’s critical that every Republican get in the habit of voting in every election, without fail. A catastrophic loss is never more than one election away.


Daniel Cole

Executive Director

El Paso County Republican Party

(o) (719) 578-0490

P.S. There are worthwhile events this weekend and next week, including an elected Republican town hall on Saturday, June 13, and a free business class and networking event for veterans on Tuesday, June 16. For more details about those events, and to view others, visit our public calendar here.



Integrity in Leadership

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