Kiss my A*****%$%


I guess I should have expected Mr Ear to again attack because I voice my opinion.  One of these days we can/will discuss the facts of life.  There will be public meetings with the candidates in the future and a debate for those that want to represent the District as School Board members.  The citizens will have the ability to ask a candidate questions and they will be required to respond or be shamed .  Then he are she will be forced to voice their opinions and hopefully the citizens will get the truth.

In my last post I made comments of things I wanted others to think about, but again as always the Ear, attacks me personally not what was said but who said it.  He seems to not support what he voted for.

Response one:  I believe I posted a solution to each of my comments, they must have been too simple for the Ear to understand or the board (pres) to understand so I repeat them.

–repair the recording system

–explain or simplify the posted budget and explain the budget so the public can understand it

–don’t use public money to support non educational/personal events.

Now isn’t that a clear solution.  Maybe not the one Ear wants, likes or agrees with, but…….

Untrue; The recording were placed on the Website because Dr Cullen made the decision before my error.  It was under discussion because it was time consuming to make copies from a tape recording and I and other ask why it could not be done. There was a past school board member that also suggested it. My error had nothing to do with it, but here is another example as to a bad thing creating a good idea. The bottom line should be, that the $50,000 recording system does not work and the president should be concerned. He should make sure that the law is followed and the district gets their monies worth, currently we are not.

Not Smart: He is right, just listen to the recordings and the questions the board asked. As least I will say I don’t understand and ask questions. That is called learning and researching. I will soon meet with the CFO and he will have the opportunity it enhance my knowledge. Here is another solution; Have a public meeting and give a budget 101 class. As the law requires the budget to be released to the public for comments. Read what the Ear posted, I said nothing about the reserve or 1.7 million, have no idea what a “voluntary, his word” is.  Listen to the recording at least two board member asked about the reserve and the $1.3 that seems to be just floating around.  If the members don’t understand how; why should the public.  Also listen to how the CFO explained it.  Isn’t this a strange statement, ” The Ear can answer his ignorance and we don’t even have budget experience.”? What in the hell is this about.


I also gave a solution to the Technology budget item.  List what is included in the budget item.  How can the president of the board know if he can vote yes on buying an item if he does not know it there is any money remaining.  I guess he does not really care whether he over spends.  How hard is it to say: technology includes the following items and the district is budgeting X dollar for each of these items……..  Is that hard and we all could understand.  Yes; I managed a tech organizations; but I required line items to be included in the organization’s budget and when they spent all that was budget the answer was no!

Was the HS laptops included in the 2014-2015 District budget?  I could not find anything about a one-to-one grant or $200,000 for laptops.  I believe it was an unplanned purchase.  Again proof that nothing is planned its’ just by the board’s non-thought-out responses.  What part of the 2014 budget was not spent?  Was it the money for the new bus, or the landscaping?  To the Ear and the president what is, “everything not included in another funding area? (the ear’s words) ”  Maybe we should contact the County attorney and see if we need an audit? There seems to be a lot of unlisted/unbudgeted spending.   Reference the last statement, ” just highlights his ignorance about the requirements of being on the school board”. Isn’t education what new board members go to the CDE programs for.  I bet I can ask each of the board members a questions about the 15-16 budget and get a number of different answers.

Again I have to laugh when someone sends me something from the Ear, did the ear graduate from Ellicott High or someplace else?

More to coming, stay tune.



Integrity in Leadership

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