Are All Holidays the Same ?

There are nine federal holidays in the 2015-2016 school year, with six on a scheduled school day.  Just how many times have we heard that teachers need more face time with our children.  This district already has established a four-day school week.  Now if you listen to the last board’s recording there was a lengthy discussion as to which federal holidays would be considered a district holidays.  The district calendar committee recommended Martin Luther King’s Day (MLK) and Columbus Day.  The board agreed  so the two federal holidays the District will celebrate, again MLK and Columbus.  Do you see these as strange holidays to choose?  Yes, they are all important but are these the most important to us, our nations?  What about President’s Day, Memorial Day, Veterans Day and Labor?  The holidays the board chose would not have been mine, would they have been yours.


The public should be looking at the expenditures that this board is voting yes too.  Just the new software is $50,000 plus and it isn’t because the district needs them it is because it is new.  As I discussed before the function that can spend lots of dollars is IT.  Everyday there is something new; with more bells, something that will make us so much better.  But the problem is besides the cost, is the training time and in most cases the new bells after one-two years go un-used.   The District had a school management system, but here comes an ad that shows color pages and a list of bells so now we have to have it, $40,000 and hours of training time.  Time that takes away from the student’s face to face time.  Or more money to pay for additional teacher time.


Does this board know how to ask questions or say NO.  We should make a spread sheet for those things that the Superintendent said the District needs and the times the board had NO.  Is there a single one?



Integrity in Leadership


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