Good morning Diners.

Another strange night, but some great water.  I can see the grass and grapes growing.  We need to cross our fingers that we don’t have a freeze tomorrow night.  Now on to the topic on the day.  Freedom of speech, listen to Fox and the debate about what is allowed and what is not.  Freedom is the act of allowing those things that disturbs you.  I don’t care for most things the Ear prints, but he has the right to say it and I have the right to disagree with it.  Just like Kathleen ??.


Kathleen, I searched my post and the word liar does not appear.  What my effort was intended to say is; I cannot find any document from you.  Your statements were that you sent two comment and I did not respond, seemly to state that I don’t respond to commenter, that I don’t agree with.  In my defense I stated I have no proof that you did, and that I have never not responded to an individual that post a comment, never!  I even said; sorry.  I again ask that you send your comments to me again.  Even now you have decided to use the Ear, WHY? not send it to the Chef?  Kathleen, I’m asking you so I can investigate.

—Kathleen, here is the meaning of respect, esteem somebody feels or shows to another, admiration toward somebody.   I have no respect for Mr Hudson. You are right it is small of me to use a small” m”. Now; what does my age have to do with anything, to respect an individual they must have characteristic one sees as positive, characteristic one agrees with or supports. I spent all my adult life with individuals with character, he is not one of them! You earn respect, an individual has the right to respect those they feel deserve it and not those we don’t. Again; freedom of choice. Aren’t there individuals you don’t call a friend?

—Most District 22 Board members have been elected by the citizens, I have no idea where the “good-ole-boy club” came from, I can’t find a membership site. As I grew-up the good-ole-boys were, American I believe it became a negative term from those that supported the recall of Mr Lake. I never heard of the “Serve our Schools”. I belong to Save our Schools. Whatever the title, our goal was and is to improve the education of the children of D22.

–No, we are not trying to regain control of the District, we are working toward improving the management and leadership of the district. Running for the School Board is a campaign you announce when required and then inform the public of you platform and goals; the citizens will know in time. As far as I know no one has announced, so stay tune. Believe the dead line is mid Aug.

—????Kathleen, Are you suggesting a connection between Mr. Lake and Mrs. Dickinson? Now who is showing disrespect, this is what Mr Hudson did. You were the one that said the recall failed, I was just pointing out the recall removed one. The purpose of this and all recalls is to remove an individual from a position, so I see it as working.

“My Response: Again you seem to try and make some point about just exactly when the SOS formed. Which SOS and why does it matter? “

–I’m pointing out errors in your statements. Truth and correctness is important. Misinformation causes some to believe false information, you can’t discuss issues with false data. I’m correcting you.

“My Response: just last month you wrote how you invited Mr. Chambers to a meeting; which was it? ” I don’t remember stating that I invited Mr Chambers; but I believe we invited many individuals. We also invited Dr Cullen, Dr Cullen accepted. When did I say Mr Chambers was invited, what was the title of the post?

Now responses to your questions and there are some important ones:

—– both, I believe “study it” is just as important as “doing it”. Why is studying something, so wrong. Isn’t studying better than wasting or the possibility of doing it better?

—– spend it to educate our children; but doing it the right way and for the right things

—– spend it wisely, but just how is landscaping educating Ellicott’s children? Maybe you should form a landscaping group and meet at the School and do some gardening. Maybe forming a student gardening club.

—– keep it for the desiring but as a taxpayer make sure the needed are being served and I would stop the waste. Just how is the District making money on a federal program, isn’t this a little strange. I have NEVER said do away with it. I have always said manage it, and why are we feeding adults and all children?

—– both, but I would not make a pay scale that increases pay just because you work another year. Merit and impact are more important than just time. We should reward the best.

—–improve it, and not impact the other students. I would use the federal and state funds wisely.

—– If, I was on the board, I would ensure openness, honesty, citizen involvement, investigation, understanding, budgeting and integrity. Look again at the boards new goals is this the goals of a board that sets the example for our children. Maybe the board needs some of our kids to show/teach them to get alone. When

the board selected Mrs Twiss’s replacement, do you know what they said was the reason they selected whom they did? He will agree and get alone with us. Not who will be the best for the District or our children!

—– No; not even. The word “disruptive” is your opinion. Don’t remember anyone standing on furniture. I do remember a board member trying to jerk the mic out of a lady’s hand. I do remember a board member pushing a citizen, I do remember a board member giving someone the finger. Remember; not all of those that attended the board meetings were not SOS members. We only have about 20 members, how many red shirts were there. Maybe there were just upset parents/citizens, do you know who were SOS members, bet you have no clue.  There were Mr Ebert supports, there were ex-board member supporters, there were individuals with personal issues with board member.  I believe the citizen’s wanted to be able to voice their concerns, but some on the board wanted to silent them.  Kathleen, I ask you and some others to remember that the school board are representative of the citizens, is not allowing the citizens to speak the way to understand other’s positions?  The board was concerned about the citizens speaking out and thought the Deputies would intimidate them.  Remember the gym was full those nights, now there are maybe two guess at a board meeting.  That is because no one feels apart of the District.



Integrity in Leadership



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