Hello Dinners, great to have the RAIN

Cowgirl, thanks for the email and the tomato recipe, will try it real soon.  Now to Kathleen, if you posted a comment to the PotLuck Café then you should have gotten at least an email confirming it.  I have a Premium WordPress account that saves all sent comments, I can’t find a single one from you.  What it does is not only post your comment to the blog it sends an email to ellicottspotluckcafe@elpasotel.net, Kathleen I keep everything, I have 3T drives with backups and scans, sorry I can’t find anything sent by Kathleen or any email/comment that has any of the common words you used.  When you say written to me, just how did you write to me?    Sorry.

I will now respond to you:

— I am not a spoke person for anyone except the Potluck Café.  I’m a member of the SOS organization.  I hope my positions are supported by a majority of the citizens of Ellicott.  I do want to discuss issues, there is nothing better than an adult conversation.

— Yes, we were outsmarted by mr hudson and Mr Dahn.  mr hudson followed one of the SOS Leaders, Mr Dahn’s son video taped a signing event.  I would not go as far as stating by mr hudson’s supporters.  Yes, the County disallowed a page of signatures,  A total of 10 and we did not have any additional to replace them.  It was a mistake made by US.  It all came down to, did the person witness each person signing the form.  We were wrong.

— Kathleen, the SOS organization did not form until after the 2011.  There was no SOS.  I’ll look up the first meeting to establish a date.   It seems to be a big deal.

— How can you say, I/we don’t have a plan to win.  No one has declared.  We have until Aug.  We do have a plan, maybe you don’t know of the plan.  We have past board members, written statements, recordings, videos and facts.  Yes it is our hope as in any election our candidates win and the ones we want voted out; does get voted out.  That is what elections are about.

— Yes there were two board members recalled, not sure just how much mr hudson had to do with it.  Maybe the arrest of one had something to do with it; but Kathleen she resigned  before the recall.

— Again the SOS, had not formed.  yes it is a done deal until the next election.  There is never a done deal until death.

— One was removed from the board, 50%  Not bad but we hoped for better; but we tried, no it was not for nothing.

— Mr Chambers and Mr Hobbs were never members of the SOS and I can’t remember either attending a meeting. They both decided not to run again because of the negative attitude.

— The next election will be a good one. And may the best person win… We will be knocking on doors, maybe yours. What is the hudson 4, SOS 0? Why is mr hudson going to get your vote? Tell us why.

Kathleen. do you remember why the SOS was formed?  take a guess!



Integrity in Leadership

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