Carry a Sign on your TAILgate

As some may know the Chef has a “Fire Obama”, sign on the back of his truck.  It brings many comments from supporters and then some that are not supporters.  It is a conversation starter and yesterday was such a day.  I and a friend stopped by one of my favorite watering holes and as we were talking a gentleman came up to our table and ask, “are you the individual with the Obama sign on the ford truck?”  I said yes, but how did you know I was the truck owner?  There must have been 30 individuals in the place, he said; “the hat and the lady at the door”.  He then ask if he could join us, “sure”.  He started the conversation by stating, “I’m a Obama supporter, I voted for him twice, so may I ask you why you carry such a sign on your truck, don’t you think it belittles the office”.  My answer was, “not in the least”, I’m addressing the person; not the office.  Bottom-line is that we had a great discussion for 45+ minutes.  Did I change his mine, don’t think-so, did he change mine NO; but we had an adult discussion about issues we both felt strongly about.  Can’t say the same for Joe, Matt, Susan, Steven and the Ear.  I countered their comments with what I thought would begin an adult discussion/conversation; but I guess they don’t feel as strong as I do.  But they will post negative comments about others, others they don’t know or know if they really exist.  WHY?????  My friends ask, why do they pick on us?  They must be watching our gatherings!!!!!!  They must.

I listened to the board meeting of 16 Apr again, because I was asked why I was against hiring two School Psychologist and a Speech& Language Pathologist, so I did.  After listening to Dr Cullen and relooking at the numbers I DO CHANGE MY POSITION, thanks Linda.  It is a good move.  Something that will give the District control of the positions, maybe at a cheaper cost; which is wonderful.  The District has approx. 170 special needs kids that is close to 17% of the student body.  This percentage surprised me; we the tax payer needs to do our very best for this 17%.

Remember the red recall signs, still have a number of them, so there maybe other TAIL gates with reading material.

Have a great evening.



Integrity in Leadership

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