Can you believe what is going on? Who do we have in Charge? Nation and District 22

The Clinton’s; it is like a nightmare.  I can’t believe , it is like they live in another world.  A world that protects they from accountability. We can allow individuals to just break the law just because they can.   I spent five years in Arkansas, when they were in the governor’s house and it was a wild party all the time.  As folks have always said about the pair, “nothing ever sticks”.

Another issue:  It is time to start the “talk to 10” campaign.  The effort is to discuss our nation’s future with 10 individuals each week.  The discussion can be local or national can be about our city or Washington.  Just voice your opinion and ask for theirs.  If you have an individual that is running for an office talk he or she up to those individuals.  If you have 10 extra dollars go to and order 100 business cards that says something like:


District 22 lets Vote Out

      Mr Hudson,

      Mr McWilliams,

      Mr Rehkopf.

Elect Adults that Act like Adults   (only a suggestion)


Now let’s go to the Apr Board meeting.  Have you noticed that not a single board meeting goes by without them approving another expenditure; that isn’t in the budget.  Yes; the district received $200,000.00 that was unplanned, but why didn’t the board president suggest it be saved or buy a new bus or repair some of the athletic facilities he was scaring us about a few months ago.  The facilities that was going to shut down ALL Ellicott sports.  But what did they do, bought another software package.  Just a personal note:  during the time that I was in a command position, one of the most aggressive groups as far as spending money or wanting something new was my IT folks.  They were always knocking on my door wanting to buy this new whiz-bang software or hardware.  Just like the District’s IT folks or someone because it seems that every other month the District is buy something new.  I did a little budget review to see what this board budgeted for IT expenditures for 2013-2014 could not find any line item, so will request it just to see how the IT folks are spending the district’s money.

–After reading the Ranchland a Diner asked me if I though the board was buying votes by the increase in pay.  At this time I can’t provide an answer because I would need to compare D22 with other districts.  Dr Cullen’s continues to say “as we compare with other districts,” so let’s look”.  We do have the pay scale so it is an easy task.  My concern is the administration, not teachers.  I can remember a few years ago when members of this board was screaming about the pay that some individuals were receiving; example the CFO if the current individual stays for five years the pay would be $87,000 and assistant at $37.400 and the HR position (who also deals with money) at $41,000.  So just to track expenditures we are spending $167,000 plus benefits.  A Chief Finance Officer in the business world manages the organization’s money, provides inputs, invest, recommends to the board how to spend the organization’s money today and in the future.  Not to take anything from Mr Stettler, but I don’t see this……every body else spends the dollars

Another concern is the “empire” that the district is creating, look at the increase in positions.  The district has every position but a weather person.  And each month the enrollment continues to go down, one of these days the State legislature is going to collect.


Now lets discuss the board’s goals.  Being a goal oriented individual, the military is built around goals.  But before you can develop goals you must have a vision, then the vision creates a mission and the mission builds the organization’s core values.  Just what is District 22 Board’s vision, mission, and its core values.  I don’t know but looking at the boards goals not sure they do either.  Isn’t it a shame that we the citizens have to ask the Board members to be nice to each other and to the citizens.  Here are the Board’s new Goals:

–Add board leadership to each board meeting

–Using information from board and administration and other publications to glide our leadership development

–Report back each month as to how this information has changed or improved your leadership

–Work to understand your role as a board member

–Review all school board policies relating to the board

–Attend CSAB activities

–Demonstrate appropriate and positive behavior at board meetings

–Work for healthy communicate such as, don’t promote a hidden agenda, seek an understanding of other person’s point of view,  state your point or concerns and let the others talk, be transparent, keep it positive, no surprises, negotiate when needed, work to promote the greater good.

Does this sound like goals for an elected organization or a dog grooming organization, asking the dogs to be nice to each other?  Citizens elected four of the five and the four; selected the fifth and now we have to teach them to “work for the greater good”, really.  Maybe it is time for all five to resign or is the strife caused by one or two individual.  Is it that the board has lost it own self-respect?  It is or has lost the communities respect.  I wonder if one of the board members wrote these goals or did an outsider.  My vote is an outsider.  Why would a group of true adults need to learn to get alone, to do what is right and act like adults that this citizenship voted into office.  We know that the president has had issues with district citizens and the president and the vice president has had issues with each other.  Look at why past board members have resigned this board, there maybe a single reason or individual.  But doing the right thing will not happen.  Can you see and the scoring will go after a board meeting.  That is the way they suggest they measure success, “Measurable: let the board rate each meeting and identify something positive about the meeting.”

This statement is  a really good one, “Positive and constructive leadership is an expected behavior that the staff, students and citizens expect”,  true so true isn’t it.

Yes we do expect the individuals making decisions for all of us and our kids to be and act like adults.



Integrity in Leadership



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