Friends of Kit Roupe

    As of this morning, we have less than two weeks left in the legislative session. I hope that you know what a great honor it is for me to represent you. I have worked every day to remember the people from my district, and to give you a voice at our Capitol.

A big high point of my job is that I get to interact with so many of you at our town halls. Last Saturday, I got to hear your questions and concerns, and explain some of what has gone on this session.    I know that a big issue for many of you has been education, and I’ve heard from parents and teachers who are concerned with the number of assessments our students are taking. This week, I voted for a bill that would reduce the testing burden in all grades, and while many believe that the bill doesn’t go far enough, the relief it will provide from excessive testing in the classroom will improve our children’s education. Last week, the Gazette covered some details of the bill, sponsored by Rep. Wilson and Buckner, and you can see that article here.    A major goal of my town halls is to focus on bringing resources to everyone in our community. I want to cut through so much of the “red tape” in government, making it more transparent and services available to you.  By bringing resources into our community, like elected officials and public agencies, these resources are immediately more accessible to you. Last Saturday, Susan Whelan, from the El Paso County Health Department, and Silvia Sansot from CHFA joined us, to answer some of your questions. And earlier this year, the Colorado Springs Police Department joined us for a town hall, as did the ADA Disabilities Board and Henry Allen from the NAACP.  I know several attendees took advantage of these connections and frankly, it was gratifying to know someone walked away with some of their problems solved. “Also, news from this week includes the passage of HB 15-1327, the proxy marriage bill, that I Prime co-sponsored with Representative Ginal. It passed unanimously out of the House and is headed to the Senate. Rep. Ginal was my cosponsor, and she wrote a great piece explaining why this bill is necessary for protecting national security, as well as cracking down on human trafficking.  Thank you for your support! As always, I want to be available to hear your questions and concerns, and welcome hearing from you any time.



Integrity in Leadership






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