Former Clinton Foundation Employee With Ties To Muslim Brotherhood Sentenced To Life In Prison


Image credit: Shutterstock/Harry Hu

Gehad El-Haddad was sentenced for supporting an Islamist protest against the military-led ousting of former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi.

A member of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt who worked for the William J. Clinton Foundation for five years was sentenced to life in prison last week.

Gehad El-Haddad was sentenced for supporting an Islamist protest against the military-led ousting of former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, The New York Times reported last Saturday.

The Times reported 35 defendants, including El-Haddad’s father and Morsi’s former foreign policy adviser Essam El-Haddad and Mohammed Soltan–an American citizen–were given the sentence by Judge Mohammed Nagi Shehata.

El-Haddad worked as the Muslim Brotherhood’s “senior adviser and media spokesman” shortly after Morsi’s election in 2013 up until his arrest. He had worked as the Clinton Foundation’s city director from August 2007 to August 2012, reported The Washington Free Beacon. This is how the publication profiled him at the time:

El-Haddad gained a reputation for pushing the Muslim Brotherhood’s Islamist agenda in the foreign press, where he was often quoted defending the Brotherhood’s crackdown on civil liberties in Egypt.

He was raised in a family of prominent Brotherhood supporters and became the public face of the Islamist organization soon after leaving his post at the Clinton Foundation.

El-Haddad hailed these accomplishments with the Clinton Foundation on his LinkedIn profile:

  • Representing the foundation’s Clinton Climate Initiative in Egypt
  • Setup (sic) the foundation’s office in Egypt and managed official registration.
  • Identified & developed program-based projects & delivery work plans
  • Built & maintained a communications network with more than 50 public organization (sic).
  • Supervised policy-making workshops & presented foundations (sic) viewsHis work with the two groups also overlapped while he was in charge of the Renaissance Project, a Muslim Brotherhood economic recovery program.
  • Just over a week after El-Haddad’s conviction, Morsi was sentenced to 20 years in prison by an Egyptian court.
  • The profile also said El-Haddad formally joined Morsi’s Freedom and Justice Party in May 2011 as a senior adviser for foreign affairs, overlapping for more than a year during his tenure with the Clinton Foundation



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