Freedom to have an Opinion

Diners thanks for the questions that Susan, Steven and Joe posted on the Ear.  Let me first state as many times before, “individuals have the right to voice their opinions, served for 35 years to give Susan, Steven and Joe the right to post”.  But to Susan and others, the opposite also applies I have the right to challenge anyone that makes comments.  My responding is not an attack but a right to say, “you are wrong”, and provide my opinion to their opinion.  Yes, Susan I do live in a “dream”.  Look at life and the wonderful things/times I have done or been apart of.  I live in America.  I have my health and I’m free.  I hope all citizens have a dream.

— He built a new middle school.

There are two groups that we owe a big thanks to for the new Middle School.  The Bond committee and the construction committee.  The Bond committee spent their time and money to ensure that the citizens understood the need to say “yes” to the bond, without the bond approval there would be no new school.  Citizens putting up signs, writing articles for the papers, knocking on doors and speaking to Ellicotter.  I do not remember Mr Hudson involved in any on these efforts.  The other committee is the construction group, they worked many hours researching and suggesting items for the wonderful outcome we have.  The hours these individuals gave to the project was our reward.  If there was no Mr Hudson, the Middle School would still be there.  Without those that volunteered on these to group there would be no new School.  So I strongly disagree with Susan’s statement.  Mr Hudson did little to nothing in the New Middle School Effort.

— Improved achievement by over 20%.

Again I have spent a number of hours on the CDC website and cannot find Susan’s source.  I have posted the following in the past but will again.  The data comes from the CDC website from the data page.  These number are the total scores for the District.



2012-58.9  Mr Hudson joined the Board



As I posted two other school score websites continue to place District 22 and the three schools toward the bottom compared to all the other schools in Colorado.  Susan sorry I can’t find the 20+%.

— He increased teacher and staff pay.

Yes this board has voted to increase teacher and staff’s pay but was it Mr Hudson who did it are was it the committee that Dr Cullen put together that created a pay chart.  If I remember correctly it was Mrs Twiss that was the first to bring up that since the District had paid off a bond it was time to establish a pay chart.

— Improved working conditions in the district.

I have no comment except that the working conditions are an individual opinion.  Some that I have spoken to say, “you are always looking behind yourself, while most say it is just like any other place I have worked some good some bad.  What should happen is a yearly survey.  But what does the president have to do with working conditions, isn’t that the Superintendent’s job?

— Have the property taxes been lowered in the past three years?

This statement is 35% true, here is the tax rates for the past five years:

2014    37

2013    37

2012    41   Mr Hudson joined the board

2011    41

2010    45

2009    45

So yes Susan, this board voted to lower the mill levy -4 mills from 2011-2014.  But it did not low the citizens rate by $150.00 per year, unless your property is valued over $500,000.00.  The other “butt” is that because the mill levy rates being higher than 37 mills the district was able to pay off the HS bond early, which made it possible to in fact to lower the rate.  I was there when the board discussed this year’s rate, it was mixed due to the fact that there was concern that the state might lower its’ educational funding.  Lowering the rate reduced the revenue by nearly $300,000.00.   Again Mr Hudson had very little to do with it, he had only one vote.

— Did the SOS group raise taxes?

Susan, the SOS formed in the early part of 2013, so no the SOS group did not raise any taxes.  Not a single past or present School Board member is or has been a member of the SOS.  Each meeting there was a sign in sheet and again not a single name.  There was one board member that attended a meeting because I invited him.  Again the Save Our Schools group was and is made up of citizens.

Susan again you have every right to have and voice your opinion, I strongly disagree with you.  Mr Hudson has done any more than any other school board member.  He has one vote.  Attend a board meeting or listen to a board meeting and see who provides the most.  Look back when Mr Hobbs and Mr Chamber was on the board.

Now my response to Steven:

As I stated before at SOS meetings we had a sign-up sheet, an email sheet to track and communicate to those that supported our efforts.  Sorry Steven, I can’t seem to find your name.  Made be, Steven was an outside supporter, but he said that he attended meetings and listen to discussions.  Steven, I took minutes at all the meetings I attended and taped some, I can’t find a single discussion about hiring anyone except rehiring Mr Elbert.  Again Steven you have all the right to have an opinion.  But opinions must be supported by facts.  Steven as the election gets closer we will print past emails and statements from those we do not support and then we will see if you agree with your final sentence,  “At least he has kept his word and been honest.”  Steven, how long have you lived in D22?

Response to Joe:

Joe what action are you doing to take?  Again you have the rights to your opinions, but I’ll counter.  The State and County laws require candidates to announce 67 days before the election, so Joe; there will be announcements before Aug 28, 2015.  There will be plenty of time to discuss issues with all candidates.   Also Joe, I did not say our candidates are SOS members, you are assuming.  I am also confused, what has the SOS group done before?  We are following the law, and will do so to the letter.  Why should it matter who is running, if one feels that they could do a better job, run.  A few signatures and a few dollars and your on the ballot.  You can be a write in.  Again Joe, the SOS organization has only been around for a few years.  A couple of recalls and a couple of elections.

Now Diners, we need to start our researching, candidates are positioning them in all levels.  Make sure if you have moved you go on the website and change your address.


Integrity in Leadership

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