Diners, it is all the same, just a change of titles.  The new buzz words are “Blended Learning”.  Blending learning is a mixture of “standard classroom” learning, “internet” learning and classroom “devices”.  I believe this is a reason why no one will responded to my questions about how devices improve educations.  Yes they can replace paper books, they can do away with libraries and they can reduce workload on teachers.  It also in my opinion make students lazy.  Instead of reading a chapter, they can goggle a question and get the answer.  Instead of listening and taking notes they can just look at what the teacher post.  There are programs that will do the math problem, they don’t have to proof read what they write and spelling just type it and it will tell you.  Why don’t we expect more.



Blended Learning Research Yields Limited Results

By Sarah D. Sparks

Blended learning is gaining considerable popularity in American classrooms, but the question remains: Is there strong evidence that the strategy helps K-12 students?

“The answer right now is still no,” said Sarojani S. Mohammed, a partner and lead researcher at The Learning Accelerator, a Cupertino, Calif., nonprofit group that helps districts implement blended-learning strategies. “We don’t have definitive evidence that blended learning works or that it doesn’t, though we do know some things about specific aspects.”

Blended-learning practices have steadily evolved in classrooms, but there is little consensus on what, exactly, the term encompasses. This further hamstrings efforts to build a solid understanding of whether, when, and how the strategy of combining face-to-face instruction with technology-based lessons actually works.



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