Come on

Here we are, just researching and responding. Making a little Irish stew. I try to respond to all the questions that are left at the Dinner; but sometimes I just don’t have enough information to provide a complete answer. Like this one: just what statement or document did I take apart of and portray it as the Sky is falling? If I knew I could then respond. If someone is questioning my portrayers, be nice and give me the statements. As I have always screamed proof, please.

– here are my responses

—who hired a friend or family member? The ear has made this statement so many times but no examples.

—yes I do provide my opinion, that is what the chef does; information and opinion

—the average income for D22 is 40K?  really then why are 70% of the students on the free meal program? I believe the true figure is someplace around 22K. If you took the military from that figure it would be even lower. If you add in the unemployed even lower. If you totaled in the welfare dollars…….. 60k is a large sum of money when it is wasted. If it is such a small amount why doesn’t the board president write a check. This is about the most ……statement the Ear has recently made.

—9.5M is what the D22 gets total. It spends around 11k, a large amount from our reserve funds.   note: we don’t have 1000 students, the state need to investigate the Districts numbers. Just look at what the ear says, 9.5 from the state, then a few words later from the state, federal and taxes; which is it? His numbers are smoke/mirrors, look at the vote in the mill level at that according to the ear was just 25 dollars. Again mr ear where is your check?

—I want my schools to produce intelligent young leaders, does the outside really mean much and what is wrong with a farm?

—Do you think this board knows anything about education? All some knows how to do if intimidate each other, push each other around, assault citizens and spread falsehoods. Let’s do some research on what each has done during their life just where did they go to school, I will. Let’s relook at the campaign letter

—I’ll look at the true numbers of the reserve accounts

—The ear must not read my post, I have given so many. “what I would do” listen to my interview. If a person is successful in the military he/she have led, taught and educated many young folks

— quote, “do away with the free and reduced lunch program”, not do away with; but manage it, remove the adults. Again print where I said this!

— quote, “He wants to do away with all classes that he thinks are wastes.” yes I do, do away with all waste

—quote, “He wants to do away with most sports programs.”   Not do away with but place them in the proper priority, education first! Education isn’t sports!

—Just tell the truth




Integrity in Leadership

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