Darryl Glenn for US Senate



Let’s talk about Education

Standing up for School Choice & Against Common Core

I stand strong against common core because our children are anything BUT common!    Parents are a child’s first educators and they have the responsibility to choose where their children are educated, be that home-school, private, public, or charter schools. I am a whole-hearted advocate for school choice.   Common Core claims to raise the quality of education but is designed to data mine personal family information, indoctrinate children, and expand federal control.  Common Core advocates also seek to neutralize and control private schools that teach religious values because they believe the government should decide right and wrong, good and bad, without any respect to religious liberty.   There is no such thing as a “one size fits all” solution when it comes to education. We need to support the individual needs of children and foster a culture in education that is dynamic and adapts to a variety of vocational possibilities.   Unelected Washington bureaucrats and billionaire-backed special interest groups should not be the ones who decide what’s best for any child’s education.   Decisions about education should be made from the ground up, starting with parents and communities. School choice empowers children from all different backgrounds to pursue a successful future. As a US Senator, I will proudly work along side those who advocate for the highest quality of education by writing and voting in favor of School Choice legislation. If you want to help me spread this message, I need your help today. Please consider making a one time contribution or a monthly contribution of either $5, $10, $20 or $100 and help me continue to spread my message to the voters of Colorado. If you have the ability to make the maximum contribution of $5,200, it would be a great help to my campaign. You can contribute by visiting my website: ElectDarrylGlenn.com or by returning your check to: The Committee to Elect Darryl Glenn, P.O. Box 62667, Colorado Springs, CO 80962. I know and believe that America is anything but common and our great nation should be the leader in quality education. Americans should have an education system that provides not only the best education possible but, respects individual choice, and religious freedom. We must stand firm against the Washington bureaucrats to ensure our children receive the best education possible. I cannot help lead this fight without your support please take a moment and consider contributing to my campaign. Thank you for taking the time and making the commitment to  Restore Your American Dream.   Have a great week! Regards, Darryl Glenn US Senate Candidate





Integrity in Leadership

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