Dinners and School Board

Have you read the, “Colorado Superintendent’s Position-Statement on School Funding” document?  I have and researched the document.  I have addressed my concerns in the past; about the Free or Reduced meal program, the lack of over-site or verification.  And why is a, our schools/district involved with a meal kitchen?   I with a few others are drafting a letter to be submitted to our state and precinct elected leaders stating our concern for what appears to be an open, unmanaged program.  Now we see our district and state officials are seeking to fund schools, based on the free lunch program.  We see this as an opportunity for individuals to recruit individuals into the program; who may not be in need.  There is currently no validation and is it safe.  We also question the linkage of educational funding to (1) income levels of citizens and (2) location of the school.  Can you even dream of placing more financial decision in this School Board?  Major funding should be a ballot issue; one that is binding.  District 22 has in the past few years tried two bond issues, one passed and one didn’t.  We the public decided what we are willing to pay.  Aren’t you concerned with the growing dependence of our citizens on the government/the taxpayer.  The Superintendents are consumed with the “negative factor” or across the state government’s budget.  I was informed this weekend that every function in the state government took a reduction; in the “negative factor” all but the DCE. We need to ensure that our school Districts and State are spending our hard-earned dollars in the collect manner. There was at least 13 bond issues across Colorado for new athletic facilities another 6+ for improvement on facilities.  So is there a real dollar impact or is it; we need more fluff.

Look at what our School Board just approved, a budget for SY 15-16 of $10,100,000.00.  Yet stated that they project $9,575,644.00 in income.  Then states they plan to spend $10,167,000.00.  They are already projecting to reduce our saving account by $591,000,00, over 1/2 million over budget before the year even starts.  What family keeps taking from their saving account before there is a need.  What is the level of savings this Board has agreed to, every time there is a discussion it has changed and lowered.

How much has the payroll of District 22 grown over the last two years?

How much has the IT program grown over the last two years?

How much has the benefits cost grown over the last two years?

I would ask but, Finance department has an issue with providing answers.



Integrity in Leadership

P>S>  There is a bill being drafted that will allow parents of special need kids and advanced kids receive the state allowed fund directly to them to be spent on educational improvement/sources they see as needed.  A voucher program to give parent a major choice in their children education.

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