A letter from Mr. Howarth

I finally got to check my email and found a letter from a concerned Citizens.  This is the second letter Mr Howarth has written one to the School Board and this one to the citizens of Ellicott.  These are the type of letter more citizens should be writing.  We should address the many concerns folks have, those you have.  It is time to start an effort to replace individuals that can’t seem to find the truth in a bucket of whatever.  Folks read the letter and I ask Mr Howarth to send me the first letter so other citizens can see what concerns he and other have.



Dear Ellicott citizens, my name is Chuck Howarth and I have lived in this community for 30

years now. I have had 5 kids go through the Ellicott school system and now I have a grandchild

in attendance. There is a major safety concern that needs to be addressed. Recently we had a

snow storm on January 1 lm that dumped a foot of snow in Ellicott. Instead of picking up and

dropping off the students at the front doors of each school as we have done at Ellicott Schools for

my 30 years of living here, the Superintendent Dr. Cullen has decided on his own to have the

Middle School students walk across the street on icy roads and have the High School students

walk a few hundred yards on Ellicott Highway on icy roads to a central pickup/drop off location

at the Elementary School. How are the Middle School and High School handicap students

getting over to the Elementary School?  

The citizens passed a mill levy to fund the construction of a new Middle School this past year

and part of the plan was to have a bus round about to allow for pickup and student drop off at the

front door of the new Middle School. Instead of using it we have a big steel gate blocking it off

and that‘s not what the tax payers voted for. Did the Superintendent create this problem in

partnership with the school board president Ernest Hudson in order to push their agenda to spend

$30,000 to create a concrete walkway between the Elementary and High school? Because if the

busses were picking the kids up at each school front door there would be no need to put in a

concrete walkway and it would eliminate a safety issue for students and the citizens that are


I personally observed, vehicles sliding, and kids slipping on the ice as they crossed to the Middle

School and walked up the road to the High School; rather than walk through a foot of snow in

the field. Children, icy roads, speeding busses and vehicles don’t mix; it’s just a recipe for

disaster. I would hope that our Superintendent and Board President wouldn’t put our kids at risk

just to justify their political agenda. This is par for the course when these two get together. to do

their scheming and manipulation of situations to try and sway the other board members to justify

their grand ideas. Ernest Hudson there are better places to spend our $30,000 and the last thing I

want to see is you and the Superintendent manipulate this situation like was done to build the

brick signs in front of the 3 schools without board approval. 

Board policy says board approval is needed for any contracts over $10,000, but their game was

to break the $30,000 project into 3 separate $10,000 contracts when they knew they wouldn’t

have full board support. This is just one of their many games that are cooked up during the

Ernest Hudson regime and the long one—on—one meetings with Hudson at the Superintendent’s

office. Ernest Hudson, don’t blow $30,000 on this needless concrete project. .We still have kids

in the Elementary that have to alternate days to take spelling books home, so I’d like for you to

stick to at least one of your campaign promises and ensure all the students have their book needs

met. However I’d like to get back to my original concern about the children’s safety. 

This idea of a centralized pick up and drop off is just not working. It is causing more problems

and we need to go back to the way we were doing it before, that worked just fine. It is not just the

bad weather that creates safety concerns. You are making the job of the Elementary faculty

harder by mixing Middle School and High School students all at one location. This makes it

much harder to ensure the safety of the Elementary students and to ensure they are getting in the

correct cars and busses; let alone the fact that they shouldn’t be mingling with the older High

School and Middle School students. It also doesn’t make sense to walk the students through

mud, snow, ice, and rainy days just to have all that tracked into the new schools and busses.

Instead of improving on a bus plan we have managed to create a bunch of unneeded chaos, and

huge safety issue just so Ernest Hudson can have his proposed concrete walkway. Now I myself

and the citizens of Ellicott would like to hear your action plan to correct this, before we do have

an incident. Feel free to call me 719-491 -3449


Thank you,


Charles Howarth, Concerned Ellicott Citizen



The above letter was sent to me by a third-party with the author’s permission.  The Chef is just publishing  as informational material.  The information included has not been confirmed or researched.


Integrity in Leadership











  1. #1 by Fayne on February 2, 2015 - 10:11 am

    Here is a comment from Vice President Gary Dahn, emailed to Mrs Howarth:

    Mrs Howarth, In response to your letter to me, the Ellicott School Board and staff, I first want to thank you for sharing your observations with us. Safety of the Districts students, Staff and the community members are my number one priority. Your concerns where addressed at the January 22nd meeting as well as concerns for the crosswalks at night use. These safety issues were turned over to the Superintendent for immediate review and to give The Board some recommendations as how to fix these problems. Thank You again for informing us of the issue you observed and allowing us to make The District Safer.

    Sincerely Gary Dahn

    Gary Dahn, B.A.
    Board Vice President
    Ellicott School District 22

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