Life is a Journal of Strange Events

What if you  could open an envelope that included a slip of paper that had a single date.  A date that said what would be the last day of your life.  The time in on the paper was the date your heart would stop beating.  The world as we currently know would be no longer, lights out.  Would you want to open the envelope or not?  If you decided to open it; just what would you do from that point on?  Maybe the date would be tomorrow or maybe 20 years from today.

Do you have a bucket list or just a few things to do, whatever there was would you just give up of start you journey?

I have recently had three friends pass away; two knew that the end was near, cancer.  The third thought that there was no end and while sitting at the breakfast table, his heart just called it quits.   Jeff, died alone.   Happy; I guess but do we really know how those close to us are really dealing with LIFE?

I’m currently reading the book, “Things that Matter”.  It has made me begin thinking about those things that get me upset, do they really matter?   The things that I just skip over without thinking about them, or those the things that should matter.

I’m currently sitting in the ICU waiting room of a major hospital, with maybe 60 other folks waiting for either good news or in some cases bad news.  As I look around each  are handling the events of their lives in so many different ways.  Some are on their phones informing others, some are crying, some are asleep or trying to, and others are just staring at something on the walls.  I bet there are a very few if any that thought yesterday they would be sitting here.

If I could pass it on to my dinners, let’s be prepared for the envelope to say, tomorrow and make sure we are ready for the lights to be turned off.  Make things right with those that matter and tell those we love, “I love you”.  Talk to your maker and ensure things are right, hug those around us and share with those that need a little help.  Pass on the good things and stop the bad things.  Smile……



Integrity in Leadership

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