State Legislative actions


     The state legislative session began on Wednesday with 177 bills introduced. Here of a few of interest to most of us:


Land issues have become important as states see the feds take over more and more of state land. Senator Kent Lambert and Rep Humphrey have introduced SB 15-039 concerning “CONCURRENT JURISDICTION OVER CERTAIN FEDERAL LANDS”

“Concurrent legislative jurisdiction is a term that is applied to circumstances where a particular state reserves to itself the right to exercise, concurrently with the United States government, all of the same authority possessed by the United States government with respect to a particular area.”

Under the bill, the state retains a concurrent legislative jurisdiction with the United States under the laws of the state in and over all USFS lands and BLM lands within the state”

The Feds control over 36% of Colorado lands. This seems to be a good first step in taking back what is ours.

Day 1 of the 2015 State Legislature saw four 2nd Amendment bills introduced.

SB15-032 Lift Restrictions On Carrying Of Firearms

 Senate Sponsor Vickie Marble

“The bill allows a person who legally possesses a handgun under state and federal law to carry a concealed handgun in Colorado (without a permit). A person who carries a concealed handgun under the authority created in the bill has the same carrying rights and is subject to the same limitations that apply to a person who holds a permit to carry a concealed handgun under current law.


HB15-1009 Repeal Large Ammo Magazine Ban

 House Sponsor Senator Humphrey Senate Sponsor Chris Holbert (co-sponsors: Lorie Saine, Perry Buck, Justin Everett, Neville P., Brown)

“The bill repeals statutory provisions prohibiting the possession of  large-capacity ammunition magazines and requiring identification  markings to be placed upon large-capacity magazines that are  manufactured in Colorado.”


HB15-1049 Deadly Force Against Intruders In Businesses

 House Sponsor: Justin Everett—Co-Sponsors Perry Buck, Humphrey, Neville P., Dan Nordberg Representative Lori Saine,  Senate Sponsor Grantham – Co-Sponsors Chris Holbert, Vickie Marble, Neville T., Woods

The bill extends the right to use deadly force against an intruder  under certain conditions to include owners, managers, and employees of  businesses.


HB15-1050 Repeal Gun Transfer Background Check Requirement & Fee 

House Sponsor ElectJanak Joshi Co-Sponsors Lori Saine, Brown, Justin Everett, Humphrey, Klingenschmitt, Ransom

 Senate Sponsor –Woods

The bill repeals the requirement that before any person who is not  a licensed gun dealer transfers possession of a firearm to a transferee, he  or she must require that a criminal background check be conducted of the  prospective transferee and must obtain approval of the transfer from the  Colorado bureau of investigation (CBI). The bill repeals the requirement that CBI impose a fee for performing an instant criminal background check pursuant to the transfer of a firearm.


SB15-019 Health Exchange Audit

Representative Dan Nordberg, along with State Senators Sonnenberg and Jahn, has again introduced a bill to audit the Colorado State Healthcare Exchange. It is no secret the exchange has been plagued with cost overruns and multiple and costly technical issues all made worse by a lack of transparency. This lack of transparency has been encouraged and allowed to continue as a matter of policy by a few Democrats who last year killed the transparency bill in a Senate committee after passing the House with only one NO vote.

From Bruce Parker of the Vermont Watchdog, “Gruber model errs in Colorado as Vermont prepares to rely on data”

 “In 2011, following Colorado’s decision to set up a state health exchange for Obamacare, the state hired (Jonathan) Gruber to forecast enrollment trends from which the state and federal government could estimate costs.” “Gruber’s Medicaid enrollment error means Colorado’s cost estimates for Medicaid expansion are presently off by about $800 million.” That is an additional 800 million dollars the taxpayer is responsible for over the erroneous projections.

It is clear to any honest observer the Colorado State Healthcare Exchange must be audited. The taxpayers of Colorado are footing the bill for a system which is failing by any business model. Citizens are being forced into a healthcare system not of their choosing by a federal government and now state government acting in ways which are destroying quality healthcare.

Last year’s refusal by our state legislature to open the system to scrutiny cannot be tolerated as the massive fiscal costs become known and our quality of care is forced into decline.



Integrity in Leadership

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