Starting the new Year

Well I believe I’m back from traveling for a while.  Made all the trips before the New Year, so now it is getting things ready for whatever 2015 has to offer.  Hope each of you had a great Christmas and a super New Years.  Suggestion: start gathering those tax papers so you want have to jump through hoops no April 10th.

Wanted to pat Edison School District and parents on the back for being selected as a top school in Colorado, the other El Paso county schools that were also selected.  It shows that small rural schools can be “exceptional”.   I plan on attending a few other district’s board meeting just to get another view.

I have been in a discussion with Dr Cullen concerning his definition of an exceptional school.  In a recent board meeting he made this statement, ” we are very close to becoming an exceptional district”.  So I ask him to define what is making District 22 an  exceptional district.  He provided the following list.  I read this list as things a district would need to have, but not what D22 has.  I’ll make some comments on each in the future.

Student Center

Supportive Board

Strong District Policy

A supportive community

Highly talented staff

Good Quality Instructions

Good First Instructions

Great Educators

Outstanding Principals

Clear and specific expectations

All students are valued

All students are served

Student Achievement is a priority

Expanded opportunity for students

Healthy environment”


Here is where I get confused; as I stated to Dr Cullen this is just a list of words/statements.  To evaluate anything there must be a way to measure.  Let say 0-10 points; but who will established the scale, there has to be a scale and a method of evaluating these terms.

Dr Cullen also references an educator and author by the name of Dr Goodlad.  I have spent a few days reading about Dr Goodlad and some of his writings.  Dr Goodlad is known as a “progressive” educator; which causes me as a conservative and state rights individual to have concerns.  Here is another questions would you agree or disagree with the follow quote:  “There has to be an understanding that schooling is central to our democracy, that teachers are responsible not only for the academic development of their students, but their social development and their development as citizens”.  My comments: who okay teachers to develop our children socially and as citizens?  I have real concerns that some teachers are not qualified to teach math much less directing our children what or who to believe.  Do you support Goodlad’s position?  Where does the church and parents fit in to Goodlad’s statement?  Today our children are taught by so many left leaning teachers, teachers should just teach subjects and parents should really pay attention to what their children are being taught especially in the subjects of history, social studies and any other social classes.


Next just some responses to emails:

— Question?  No I don’t know what happened to the EllicottEar!  Maybe he realized that he was providing too much information causing us to look into his comments.  Are maybe he took a trip or maybe he is doing some additional school district research.  But does it really matter?  Go to his blog and send him an email/comment and ask him.

— Question?  would I have extended Dr Cullen’s contract for another year?  NO  also there are some Principals I would not extend.

— Question?  do I see that the District has improved in the last few years?  Yes, but we can do so much better.  I believe the District is spending a lot of money and effort just jumping around and not completely implementing anything.

— Question?  how would I evaluate teachers?  I would hire an evaluator that would just drop in and rate them, no notice.  One of the hardest event faced by a supervisor is evaluating an individual and being honest about the evaluation/feedback.  An outsider isn’t a part of the team.



Integrity in Leadership

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