Hello Ellicottors

Got all you shopping done?

Just got back from another short trip up north and again so good to be home.  Honey said she is tired of cleaning stalls and handled me the rake as soon as arrived.  Still love to shop for horses, nothing like walking in a herd of beautiful horses.

First; I don’t take my IT shop with me when I go some place. My plain phone and maybe my laptop if I’m conducting business.  Most of the time I don’t even get it out of the truck.   Folks call and leave a message.  So today there are 487 emails on my accounts.  Look at the business ones first, then the personal, then the potluck dinner; then the junk.

Second; so far the number one question is how I see the Republican senate and house going next year.  What is important to me.  If I was President what would the first three things would I do.

Third; about sharpton.

Fourth; what happen to the ear?

Fifth; Have I read the articles in the Ranchland from president hudson and how do you see them.

Just have a few minutes.

Comment on Four; I have no idea, just noticed that the number of emails about his posting has gone down.  Maybe he is out-of-town, changing his IP address or tired of giving us more recall ammo.  Maybe his nose has gotten so big he has gone in for a fix.  Or maybe he is just giving us a break for the holidays.   Or just out of falsehoods and building a new list.

Fifth: I haven’t read the Ranchland yet, will tonight

Third: He should be in federal prison for tax evasion, If I owed 4.5 million guess where I would be.

Second; will take to long, will start tomorrow


Get that shopping done, pray for our servicemen & women and drop a little in those red kettles. Also put together a bag of can goods for the food pantry they and others need it.



Integrity in Leadership


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