Yes there is a Rat at our School Board, maybe more than one

Folks—–tonight the board will sneak in our 2015 property tax discussion and vote without any community discussion.  No input from those that pays the tax.  Come on, is this group of five individuals, four were voted in by some (who ?), so smart that they need no community input, I say “no way”.  Remember they are the same four that said that if we don’t agree to the sports bond “we will have no sports”.  The same group that spread their feathers in their little chicken fights.  A president/vice president that wants to take things out to the parking lot.  Come on Man, our district deserves so much better.  Where is the openness?  Where is the involvement?  There IS NONE.   Remember the 60-80 K for signs………. and what as happened to the 300 IPADS?    But I guess we should just wait as see.


Integrity in Leadership


Ps I’ll call the Ranchland to get them to attends



  1. #1 by Floyd Rehkopf on December 11, 2014 - 12:13 pm

    Fayne, if you read pages 30 and 31 of the Dec 11, 2014 website board package you will see want the mill level is and how it is required to be set. If you need more information talk to Richard, School District finance manage or give me a call, my number is in the phone book. Thank you Floyd Rehkopf

  2. #2 by Fayne on December 11, 2014 - 1:50 pm

    Readers I felt that it was important to post this ASAP.
    Thank you Mr Rehkopf. Sir as I read your comment are you saying that posting the board package a few days prior to the board approving the Levy is enough advance information? I’m sorry,I don’t. When was the determination made? What was the information that lead the board to make this important decision? Do you feel that posting the package on the website is providing enough information for the citizenship to agree or disagree with the decision? I just read the package and I see no information as to how the board made the decision. I see that there is a decision and that the board is required in the month of Dec to make one. Why wasn’t this a discussion a few months ago? Mr Rehkopf, I have asked many questions seeking information and I know others have and as the President has stated many times, ask someone else. I have not always found that someone else. Information seems to be a difficult thing to get or find. The statement, “go find it for yourself”, isn’t what I see as a proper response from an elected person. But again thanks for the information.

    Integrity in Leadership

  3. #3 by Floyd Rehkopf on December 12, 2014 - 12:25 pm

    Every December the school board is required to approve the mill levy. Mill levy set by the state is 27.126 mills ( 27.000 mills set by state and state mill levy abatement of 0.126 mills) and the 10.00 Ellicott Bond Fund Mill Levy, which adds up to a total Mill Levy of 37.16 Mils. The vote and approved this Mil Levy. Also a reporter from the Ranchland News was at the meeting, he came in late so am not sure what he heard or did not hear.
    The board had talked about a walk of frame, making a side and have plaque place into or possible along side the sidewalk. The plaques would be purchased by individual, such if I wanted to purchase a plaque for my son who graduated from Ellicott. I am not aware of the board makin a final decision. Hope this information helps. Floyd Rehkopf

  4. #4 by Fayne on December 12, 2014 - 1:13 pm

    Again thank you Mr Rehkopf.
    I am researching the mill levy process, to see how the amounts and terms are arrived at. The “SUGGESTED” rate seems to go up and down. It would be interested to see just what drives the rates. Also one of the reason we elect officials is again to make those hard decisions. Is the rate of 37.16 the best for District 22. It excites me that the board made a decision without going to the parking lot or did they? Mr Rehkopf when did the board discuss the mill levy rate, or did the board just vote yes last night?
    Thanks again
    Integrity in Leadership

  5. #5 by Floyd Rehkopf on December 12, 2014 - 7:36 pm

    The mil levy is 37.126 no 37.16, sorry I did not catch my mistake. This is the same mil levy the board set at the Dec 12, 2013 meeting. The 27.126 was set by the state and the 10.000 mils is used to pay the bond for the middle school. The board vote on the mil levy at the Dec 11, 2014 meeting, I did asked the question on who set the .126 mil levy abatement and was told that is was set by the state. Just a note SchoolDude is a computer program that allows teachers/staff to enter maintenance/IT problems that is then sent to either the maintenance or IT department. Also the superintendent can track the works orders by how many work orders are issued and how are complete. Also each work order is listed and it tells if the work order is completed or its status. More function such as costs and manhours will be able to each work order so that can be tracted also.
    Floyd Rehkopf

  6. #6 by Fayne on December 16, 2014 - 5:42 pm

    Response to Floyd Rehkopf
    Again thanks for your response. I again question/think that for the board to vote on D22’s tax base without discussion seems strange. Yes the State provides levels if the board feels that proposal is high, isn’t there a process to rebut the mill level. Was there any discussion or just agreement?
    On the Schooldude programs was it free? What is the real purpose, the district does not pay per hour rates. Who and why are we tracking what appears to be a small activity. How many maintenance work orders can this district have, same with IT work orders. Is the district just seeking to fill the IPADS and show a use. I have had IT and others that keep thinking more software is job stability.

    Integrity in Leadership

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