Mark Udall tells another “Big One”

It is like Obama Care, it is best for all of you, but it is not for me.  Then he ask the government don’t tell the truth about who is signed up or isn’t signed up.  Mr Udall just go home.  Mr Udall the citizens of Colorado said enough of you.  Go back to Denver and open a bar.  Udall says the past CIA Chiefs Lied, isn’t there a saying about glass houses?   Doesn’t it seem that everyone thinks that falsehoods are just the way of life.

Did you read or hear Mr Udall’s rant about the CIA? What a ED.  He was at the briefings 4 years ago, guest he was asleep or doing his nails.  Again why we must hold elected officials accountable.

Today I received a telephone call asking if I knew of a new sidewalk going between the high school and the elementary school, and the walkway will be called the” Military Walk of Honor”. My answer is no.  Mr Hudson has pushed a walkway and I believe that was one of the “District enhancements” that has been discussed, but no Military Walk of Honor.  I wonder if any of the board members would be honored?  I will asked the Board for additional information.

Another question for this board, “where is all this extra money coming from?  Also did you see anything about the education of our children on this board meetings agenda?  A school dude, do we already have some?



Integrity in Leadership

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