“Come on Man” —- Discussing your 2015 Tax Bill, without your INPUT

To the Ear, I asked you a few days ago for your great financial guidance concerning buying some additional land. Ear you continue complaining but when I asked you for assistance you did not answered my question.  Because you blew me off again, I just returned from the second best state and got a much better deal.  So thanks for not doing anything, like you have done for years.  I’m much better off.

Folks if you haven’t read the school website tonight is the board meeting, and guess what they are going to discuss without a single minute of community discussion “your tax levies for 2015”. Look at any of the past working sessions, tax levies not discussed, look at past discussion items, not a single sentence on tax levies.  So tonight with little to no notice/discussion they will vote on the taxes you and I will pay.  Do you feel left out?  You should!  We will remember this come Nov, it is again time to discuss RECALL.  We voted in Nov to defeat the Sports levy, bet it raises its ugly head in the discussion tonight.  I just saw the meeting is tonight but I’m going to try to get there.  So should you!


Where has the “Ellicott taxpayer” gone. It seems really strange that so many of the folks that respond/post on the Ear’s blog makes false statements or ask other folks questions but when a response is provided they just move on.  Individuals like the “Ellicott taxpayer” makes unpleasant statements or asked the Chef questions but when answers are provided never says “thanks for the information”.  It is like these individuals don’t really want an answer, they just want to make  or continue false statements.  Now I have a couple of questions for the Taxpayer, (1) Where did you get your information concerning Mr Lake and Mr Searle wanting to buy water rights from the District?  (2) How do you define “mouthpiece”, just what has the Chef said about any of the individuals interviewing for the school board?  (3) Who discussed the color of the farm-house, and was it painted?  (4)  Rent house?  who is paying rent?  At last, does it take someone paying money or something for the ability to live in the house.  But per the Superintendent, a teacher that is so valuable to the district, she is getting to live in the house for FREE.  Again no one is renting the house as to the last time I asked.  Again things may have changed in the last few months.   (5)  Just how big is Mr Lake’s pocket, I’m a big person.

Sorry this is a little late but I have been off-line for a few days and the above has been sitting in my to be posted.


Integrity in Leadership

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