To Eyesopen:

It is a legal matter, I have been threatened by members of the boards.  Eyesopen, you are just going to have to wait until election time.  Or go back and read some of the earlier post and letters to the Editor.  See you could be a board member just waiting, it is just like, at least two of the members.  During elections all is fair and is free flowing.  I will post a letter soon from another citizen that was read to Mr Hudson, here is another saying there is some falsehoods.  Or you can discuss this issue with any member of the SOS/3Cs.

About Mr Lake and Mr Searles, I have never read or heard any proof that either of the two individuals ever made a move to buy D22’s water. But what is illegal about buying water rights from someone that owns rights.  It happens every day.  If I had a chance to buy someone water rights and I had the money I would jump at it and so would you.  It is like buying gold, we are not making more.  Concerning Silverado Ranch development, what is your issue with individuals trying to create a good place for others to live?  Mr Searles’ corporation owns the land so what he wants to do with it should be his business and no one else.  I’m not a partner in the development.  But it to isn’t any of your business. Just why do you have such an interest in what others do with their money.  Just think what 20-30 new homes would do for the community.  Both of the individuals you question are good people, you should look closer you could learn a lot from both.  As I have asked the Ear and now eyesopen, what is your proof that anyone is or has tried to buy the District’s water rights?  This board can’t even figure out what rights they own or how they could be used.  I takes two individuals to make a deal a seller and a buyer.  Again I have attended many meetings, listened to many tapes, read many minutes and heard nothing about selling or buying the District’s water rights.  Did you get you information from the Board president?  Maybe you should ask the president if he is interested in buying the water rights?


By the way I have a question for you and my new financial adviser. I have the opportunity to buy 520 acres for $450,000, it has a small house and two water wells, Mr Ear waiting on your advice.



Integrity in Leadership


PS Eyesopen I’ll reference a posting and letter you can read.  Letters from board members and you can figure out what is the truth, OK.

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