What is “Plain Stupid”

Does anyone know how to explain common sense to someone who is just plain stupid?

Falsehood  #1:  I do not want to know who donated money for 3C, I want to prove the EllicottEar and the board member that is proving the false information WRONG are another LIE. Now we have a CORA request that says there is no donations, we have the Superintendent that has he know nothing about donations and the finance report that shows not strange deposits.  Dinners another Lie.

Falsehood  #2:  Then the EllicottEar prints that I want to give away Best Grant money, again I want to show that there is another lie.  The company that the district hired to manage the projects said there is excess funds that will be returned to the State.  Dinners lie number 2.

Falsehood  #3:  Now who gets the Best Grant, first you have to FILE, the project has to be support by citizen passing a bond program or having the reserve ratio required.  So the EllicottEar is wrong again.  If the district that need the Grant the most could not get a bond approved or did not have the require amount of reserve funds they would not receive a grant.  The Best Grand program is a shared contribution program.  You have to have money to play.  We can really thank the voters that said Yes to the bond issue.  EllicottEar needs to reread the Best Grant website.  BEST receives revenues from the School Trust Lands, Marijuana Excise taxes, Colorado Lottery spillover proceeds and interest.”  Isn’t the word Tax in this quote?




Falsehood  #4: I don’t want to profile the new students; but to demographic the growth, where are these 100 new students coming from, how many are military, how many are ELL students, how many families are transit and how many will be here next year and the next. Before we react to this growth we need to know how long will these new students will be here. Doesn’t that make common sense?

Falsehood  #5; about the top 25%, what was said was that we should be spending as much on programs and advance education on the top 25% as we do the bottom 25% and the ELL students. I see a major effort and expenditures on those that can’t pass test as those that need college level courses. Can’t say the Potluck Café had anything to do with it but finally there is discussions on increasing college courses. But there is an issue we need to watch, that is a push to increase college courses for teachers, it must be students first. We are here to educate children not adults/teachers. Yes I have a big issue with spending tax money on illegal non-english speaking individuals. It is rewarding individuals that have broken the law and then fails to become a part on our culture.


Falsehood #6: I was not complaining about TCAP scores I was in fact asking a question what is next on the agenda. I would hope it would be the TCAP score or the Finance audit, or maybe the “rumble of the bellies”. Maybe there needs to be a hugging night, might work!


Falsehood #7: First the Master plan, the district just had one developed, why is there a need for another. Just update the one the district has. As I said before look at the items that is being discussed. The policy updates seems like a good use of money.


Falsehood #8 I would be eligible I was only arrested and the charges dismissed. But I would have to run against Mr Hudson and defeat him; because I could not work with an individual that has a problem with tell the truth, threatening folks and controlling his temper. Then I would also have to run against Mr G. Dahn for the same reasons. So it maybe the best for the District for me to assist in the campaigns for others. I wonder just how many citizens would be against another recall on the ballot, there are a growing number of reasons. To waste 7K on 3C then why not 7K on a recall.  I did run for the open seat, but I believe the Seating board members had discussed who they wanted well before the interviews. But it was fun to prove my point.




Integrity in Leadership


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