Yes, “I think I’m KING” has spoken

The king has spoken and now we must pay with money that was to go to our families and to things important to them which now will go on top of everything else from raising healthcare costs to energy bills to the expanded welfare/socialist state. The response to Obama taking a dictators role has been political for many even to how in impacts 2016. 2016 is a lifetime away as the foremost radical anti-American will now press for massive environmental regulations to cripple us; those are coming next before the new year and every remaining socialist dream.

We have two years to suffer and endure what could be, as is the plan, too much to reverse no matter who is president. We are now left see if the national GOP will reverse the surrender talk of just a week ago and actually take measures to stop the lawlessness. It will be a big turn around for them.

For us, we need to prepare for what may come 1) A national GOP that moves further left as it surrenders to the new narrative of millions of new socialist ready-made voters 2) They lead a real fight and we have to be there. I’m not optimistic they will choose option number two. If they surrender, that leaves us with decisions to make. A couple years ago, TIME magazines’ cover screamed, “We are All Socialists Now”. Within a few months we all will have to decide if that’s true or if we will stand against the tide. Much depends on the choice the national GOP makes on the political front, but only in how we respond.

The fight is now ours; in our state, in our communities, and in our homes. We are in a time of Thanksgiving and Christmas when we must give thanks to God for what He has blessed the world with in bringing it America. We celebrate the birth of Christ and know He is our salvation and the true foundation of America. After that as we move into 2015, we decide if we will let those truths as they apply to America fade or we stand against the tide.

This is no longer a political fight alone as the enemy has moved past politics into implementation of our transformation. I will not be transformed.

The world has changed and so must 912 and each of us.

Get ready.



Integrity in Leadership


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