Good evening all the Want-a-b’s

The word on the “rumble at the meeting” must have been the major drum beating for the last couple of days. Over 100 views from three states, thanks.  Let’s pass out the address  It was also a good day for emails and some simple questions.

— Cowgirl: What has happened to the Ellicott Ear, is he looking for the money to repay the District?

—– Answer: I have no idea.  Maybe he is researching my investments or what I paid for my new car. I know, what I’m paying for hay!  I’ll help $6.00 a sm bale, $45 for big bales.  Or maybe he is trying to get his money back for the yellow signs.

— Cowgirl: Were you at the board meeting when the fight started?

—– Answer:  First I would not call it a fight, fight leads one to believe there was physical contact, there was not as I saw.  Maybe some belly bumping or “spit” in each other’s face.  Yes, I was there.  I did not see or hear the beginning the entire board was in the small conference room and as they began to leave the President (Mr Hudson)and Vice President (Mr Gary Dahn); which was at the end of the line stopped and started yelling at each other.  I was speaking to the LtCol from the base when he made some comment and those around me looked toward the hall/entry.  The rumble lasted maybe 3-4 minutes.  It looked like to bantam roosters.  The same rumble action that took place a year or so ago with Mrs Booker and Mr Lenz.

— Taxpayer: How many folks were at the meeting?

—– Answer: Not counting the board members and the kids that were coming in and out (which I thought was strange)  11 or 12.  Half of those were school staff.  So 4 guest.

–JohnnyP: Was the decision to renew Dr Cullen’s contract a pre-done-deal?

—– Answer: Don’t really know, but my opinion is that the president already knew what the vote count would be. Mr McWilliams tried to move the issue from action to discussion, to delay the decision but the motion failed 3-2, forcing a vote.  After the rumble Mr Hudson directed Mr McWilliams and Mr Rehkopf into the little closet with him for about 2-3 minutes.    The vote was quick very little hesitation.

— JohnnyP: Did the Super look concerned?

—– Answer: Was not watching him, but when told by the president to contact the lawyers, he said sure.


Now some comments:

Days before the board meetings a board package is published/given to the board member and citizens on the website.  But it appears that not a single board member prepares themselves by pre-read the package.  As the board moves from agenda time to item the member have to take the time to find the item in the package and then read it before any discussion, this includes the president.  That is why the meetings take hours……..  Also everyone that speaks at the meetings beat their horse to death so many times.  The public gets 3 minutes but others just continue to beat the horse.  Maybe some of these topic should be conducted at working meeting no general meetings.  The discussion by Dr Cullen on Teacher retention went on for an hour.  It was interesting to watch individuals surfing the internet, dealing with their phones, reading the packages or rubbing their face.  Dr Cullen most have asked the board 8-10 time are there any questions and finally there was one.  Sorry.  But the finance updates, there should be a test given to the board members just to see their level of understanding of the so many accounting terms used.  But they all shake their heads.

The agenda needs to be rearranged. Discussions and Actions should be near the beginning of the meeting, that is why citizens attend.  Discussions by the staff, finance and executive meetings at the very end when possible.  Maybe it is this way so folks will get tired and leave.  Also why is there so many high school kids at the meetings at 8:00-9:30 pm, should they not be home studying or asleep.



Integrity in Leadership

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