Gosh–where are the cameras when you need one

Alert Alert

Just a few notes on tonight’s School Board meeting, just received an update from one of the Café’s reporters. Dr Cullen’s contract was extended for another year, July 2016.  The vote was three to two, the Dahn’s voting NO.  The decision was not a peaceful one, name calling between board members, speaking of each other’s families in negative terms, threats concerning body injury and taking you out on a gurney .  Another board member had to step in between the President and the Vice President.  Then there were little meetings between little groups, which I believe is in conflict with board and CDE policy.  But after the brief fireworks Dr Cullen will leader the District for another year.  There were other fireworks directed at the President by another citizen during the public comments period.  The Chef will publish his remarks as soon as the individual emails his comments.  My questions were submitted to the board and Dr Cullen.  I will post the questions and answers as soon as they are provided.

It is late and when I left the meeting there was still half of the agenda to go and I left at 9:30pm. Bedtime…….


Integrity in Leadership

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