Hot off the CORA printer

I want to say thanks to Mrs Chambers for her quick responses to CORA request made by Ellicott’s Citizens. Mrs Chambers; thank you.

A question I had but is now answered by, Mr Navarro. The question was based on a statement made by the EllicottEar, that money provided by the Best Grant could/would not be returned to the State.  Again this statement is not true Mr Narrarro responded to me, “this project will return some money unspent—that money is primarily related to what we’re termed “CDE reserve funds”.   The fact that the Ear would say that this project would consume money just “because”, really concerned me and it should you.

Another question: Guess I should say IF……IT…….Happened.  Wouldn’t it be a conflict of interest for a board member to asked a citizen to interview for the open seat and then vote for that person?  There has to be a policy or law that prohibits this.

Final questions: Does anyone have a copy of the narrative for the Middle School Bond?  I have been trying to get a copy and will go to the election office this coming week.  Did the citizens vote YES to build a new Middle School or did we vote YES to building a new Middle School and a new District Office.  I can’t remember the District being included in the bond effort.  But I could be wrong.

I’m trying to put together a selected spending spend list. A list of things that this board spend money on that was outside the must pays.  Yes; it might have been included in general terms on the budget but it was selected spending.  It will be important to see just how much of the budget is must pays and what percentage is selected spending.  I have tried to find a single item the board has voted NO on.



Integrity in Leadership


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