Silly statements from the School Board’s press agent

“McDowell an IPAD is just a different type of book”

“But like many “older” members of our country he is “afraid” and “fearful” because he just can’t understand that technology.”

“but in the meantime our students will have lost years of growth in their education.”

” so far behind everyone else in Colorado that they just can’t compete for good jobs.”

” not speak or understand English. Here is what McDowell’s plan would do. First this child is taken from a classroom where they are learning such things as history, science, math, reading and a host of other subjects.”


These are just the ones from a single post. I can think of so many, like the override is not a Tax.

— It can be a book, it can be a bullying tool, it can get kids into trouble, it can be a waste of time, you will still have to have books.  The question I have asked is what will it really used for? –Briefly I have 2 laptops, a desk top with a multiple hard drive tower, an IPAD, I don’t have a smart phone and I use them all.

–I’m not afraid of too much, especially things in boxes. If I don’t understand I learn. Isn’t his statement a little insulting for those of a mature age, this isn’t the first time

–Just how will a student lose years of growth? Ear just how many middle schools have IPADS? NOT MANY! Make a few calls to the city. So I guess all those that don’t are losing years, is that right?

–Behind everyone else in Colorado, again just how many middle schools in the state has IPADS? Let’s just take a survey in our rural areas. Has our middle school passed out ALL the IPADS? Have they determined how they will manage them YET.

–How can a child enter into the third grade that can’t speak english? Is it just because of his/her age? Poor reason…. How can a child that can’t understand the spoken word or speak english or write english or read english learn such things as history, science, math or read. Come on; a child that is not successful in our language will not succeed. Why are we trading age placement for success in the future, why is that. Is it for test scores; is that the collect way? It is a poor decision, that means to me we don’t really care a flip for the child. That is what I hear from this board, a nice baseball field but to hell with the child’s future.

Next issue: Why are some so concerned with how I spend my money and on what I spend it on. My house, my land, my cows and anything else they can find the amount I spent on, whatever. Is it wrong to enjoy the seeds you have sown or the money you invested? Why are some so concerned with other’s money, and their businesses, I believe it is jealousy, I believe that a lot of the Ear’s comments and his commentors are in fact jealousy. Wanting others to be as they are, whatever they believe others have and they want. Why are some so upset that individuals decide to risk THEIR money to build a community or build some stores. Why are some so negative that they spread lies about those that are trying to change things. Why! Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to travel all the way to Powers to shop? Wouldn’t it be nice to have some new homes in the area to increase the population and tax base? Why does “ellicott tax payer” have such a dislike for individuals that wanted to build homes on THEIR property. Does the “ellicott tax payer (ETP)” understand that everyone out in the rural areas have septic tanks, does the ETP understand that communities like Silverado Ranch will have a HOA.  An association that will manage the properties.   ETP is concerned about 300K+ properties; while there are so many abandoned properties around Ellicott. Maybe the effort in on the wrong issues. I guess all those that are complaining are going to invest their money on, what? Remember I moved here to be with cows, horses and even angry folks. And ETP; just how am I being used?


Next; now I’m being compared to Hitler. Maybe “michelle harris” should do a little reading. There are very few individuals past and present that can be compared to Hitler. Mrs Harris, just how do I compared to this mass killer. When I was in debating class , one of the first thing taught was not to over state you position or example.



Integrity in Leadership

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