On a Winning Team, doesn’t it feel WONDERFUL

Only two personal disappointments, Bob Beauprez and Bernie Herpin.  The voters did not get rid of all the Californians and outside influences; but most.   We have to work harder next time, want we.  Every November is an important month, so lets’ get ready.  The party will be looking at what went well and where we can do better.  The first thing is to get more of us involved.  At the election party I was really surprised to see so many young folks there.  Couples 30 and less.  There was even some high schoolers from a Young Republican club.  We need to excite those younger to get them ready to replace us.  We need to excite our Hispanic friends and neighbor.   Take ever opportunity to take about changes this country needs.

Now on to 3C, Ellicott’s override mill levy, I believe it was a clear vote that this community wants this school board to listen.  The citizens want this board to live within the dollars we, the taxpayers, give them.  I should be getting a breakdown of who the yes voters were, not names but stats.  I at first looks like a large number of 18-20 year olds.  The stats will be only a rough guesses; but we can see where the real support might have come from and maybe why.

Now we must begin to WATCH, this board.  It has been said that without the override the board will have to terminate,  sports at Ellicott.  We must watch.

What we now need to do is determine what is important and really needed and start working to get it fixed.  We can do better than this board has done, if it is really needed.   Problem is that over 1000 citizens failed to see the need.

Lets’ start looking, OK

We must also remember the school board meeting on the 18th. There are many questions and so little time, who said that?



Integrity in Leadership

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