Reporting live from Star-gazer

The group is really jumping.  To the Ear, I waited 5 minutes and you did not show so I went on, didn’t want to be late.  Folks our hard work has paid off, a 80% win rate and for El Paso County  a landslide.  We have heard from many of our candidates and waiting on Senator Gardner and our new governor.  To spend time with Wayne Williams and Paul Lundeen  makes the work worth it.  Amy Littleton made a great thank you comments.  We will be hosting a community meeting with Paul Lundeen in the next few weeks.  Will get the word out as soon as things calm down.

3C goes down hard 70+%.  We now ask why?  I will ask the board.  Why not spend the money on something positive.  Is it because the board was too lazy to find a better way, maybe.

Lets’ go back to the party!  It is great to be on a winning team and on a positive clause.


Integrity in Leadership

At the Star-gazer with all his reporters, reporting.   Isn’t it great……….



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