Can’t stop Jumping

To the Ear: I did impact the election, I VOTED! That is the reason those of us wore the uniforms we did to give you the ability to vote, voice your opinions, worship where you want, and be whatever you want-to-be.  Yes a want-to-be, isn’t it great, that others served just to let you be yourself.   I did impact the outcome by voicing my opinions and giving of my time/money.  What did you and your family do?  I hope you voted.

It is always good to be on a winning side, if not why play. I’m not a believer in every one getting a trophy.

Let me explain to the ear, why this is important. If we get control of the Senate, Republicans well be able to control the funding and the agenda.  For the first time in Obama’s 6 years he has no control of the agenda.

Statewide; we can reverse the gun control efforts, stop Common Core, and those left leaning social Californian efforts. We can stop the “Heist” of our “good-o-boy state”.  We can take back our personal freedoms and get back our personal choices.  It will be better, much better.  It is hard to stop jumping up and down.

I hope to see many of my dinners at the star-gazer tonight. Meet this want-to-be there and join in the jumping.  Shake hands with the winners and those that gave of their time and money to “take back our Colorado”.  It is also a great time to dress up.

Again to the ear, what have you done for your country and state today or this year? Be happy, be like and how JFK felt ,” ask not what you country can do for you; but what can I do for my country” .

How does this statement; ” Politicians never really do most of the things they say they will do.” sit with you blind support of District 22’s board president and members. Are you joining the 3C’s now?  hat has been one of our platforms planks for years now.  Slow, but you finally got there.  See you at the school board meeting.  We will be taking pictures.


Folks be happy, thank God for good weather, smart people and good candidates.  But we still have the counting before we can start patting our backs.



Integrity in Leadership

Ear, if you hurry you can ride with me, meet you at the phone office 5:30.  dress nice, OK  Just in case the ear is counting 132 views so for today, there are some that ids interested.

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