We continue to trap the fox, or is it a rat

Folks, have you read the last post of the Ellicottear. I have never asked any of my dinners to read this other blog.  But I have told you from the very beginning, from that first letter that this person whoever it is that there was little to no truth to what he writes.  All one has to do is a little research on your own to see the truth and the untruth.  Here is an email and questions I asked just tonight after a dinner asked me about the sports program;

The question;

Dr Cullen, supporter for 3C are telling the citizens of D22 that if they vote NO on the override mill levy; you and the Board will close/terminate ALL sport programs at the District. Is this true?  If this is true, why?

Then the answer:

I would say this is an inaccurate statement. I have not discussed with the board on cutting any programs.


The writer of the Ear is a blind supporter of one of the school board and never addresses issues just me. Why is that?  I feel it is my responsibility to speak out.  As I have said before I will never support any one that has no integrity, no one.



Integrity in Leadership

I believe Dr Cullen is straight up when asked.  We will be watching to see if ANY of the board members dresses him down.  Dr Cullen, answers questions from taxpayers, the school board does not, words from the board president, “”ask the superintendent, not us.”

I don’t have to say this but I will, 3C has little to do with School sports it is all about this board please themselves, giving them something to say they have done and pleasing a few, at the cost of our pocketbooks.  This board spends money then wants more, 3C says NO.

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