Lets’ start getting ready for 2015-2016

Folks; tomorrow the 2014 Mid-Term elections will be over. We (the Party ) will review the actions and results.  For weeks we will discuss what happened and why.  Then in a few weeks we will clear the tables and start working on the 2015-16 Elections.  The 2015-16 election will fill the White House and it will replace individuals on our school board.  So we will soon schedule meetings of the 3C/SOS.  The purpose is to begin vetting candidates we can support, we will be ready for the school board election and the Presidential election.  We have seen how this board selects replacements, so again we will be ready.  We have begun putting together our (campaign) packages., again we will be ready.

Join me tomorrow night at the Republican Election party. Celebrate our wins and pat others on the back.  We have worked hard so now we will relax and get ready for 2015-16.  I want to say a big thanks for Precinct 521 & 522’s major efforts, thanks.


Integrity in Leadership


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