From a Teacher

 As a teacher, there have been a few of my colleagues who have expressed concern that I would vote for a Republican for Governor. Well, as a rule, I never vote for the letter ‘R’ or ‘D’ found after a candidate’s name, I vote for the character of the person running for office.

Despite all of the negative campaign ads, here is what I have personally learned about Bob: He adores his longtime wife, Claudia. He would do anything for his children and grandchildren. He holds very close to his heart, the ideals and work ethic his parents set forth on their Lafayette dairy farm. Although both of his parents have passed away in the last ten years, I believe he strives every day to make them proud.

He is a successful local business man. He also received a degree as a physical education teacher. He currently owns a ranch with over 300 head of buffalo. A ranch he personally runs with his son–Not from an office chair but from the seat of an ATV.

So, to sum up his character: He is a homegrown Coloradoan. He loves his family dearly. He still uses his parents as a role model. He personally understands the plight of the farmers and ranchers of Colorado. He understands the needs of small businesses. And he knows that great teachers and schools are the best way to protect our future and that of our children.

Wow. I can’t think of a better resume to be the leader of the great state of Colorado.


Kevin Rohnke Teacher Greeley Central High School




Integrity in Leadership

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