Fear from the other side——–Vote NO on 3C

First let me say it saddens me to say this but I did make a mistake on my post “crying wolf”, what I should and meant to post was Maybe the board member should have………referencing the board member that was seen placing a sign.  Sorry wrong words.  The direct evidence is that I am human and one that admits errors.  There is a difference between a mistake and a lie. So thank you Ear.


The stating that all sports will go away is fear mongering, YES, this is the process LEFT leaning individuals/organizations use to stomp on your freedoms.  Call you names or say what you are doing is going to destroy, whatever it is you are against or for.  I have not hear or read anything about saying goodbye to any sport.  What those that oppose 3C want is that our taxes be increased for what we see as less important issues.  The Ear and he school board are acting like little kids who has been told they can’t have another candy bar, they need to grow up.    We have to remember what the override was advertised to be for: lights on the football field, redoing the baseball field, building a softball field, building a Tball field, building a concession stand and resurfacing/widening the track.  Did the school board have other things in mind for the override tax, they did not want us to know?  The football team will still have a stadium to play in. the baseball field is being repaired, the basketball teams will still have gyms, the volleyball teams will still have gyms, the track team still has the track, the wrestling team still has the gyms, so what has changed?  Where did all the teams go?  If the citizens vote NO on 3C then two things happened (1) the school board failed to sell the tax increase (2) the citizens of Ellicott did not see the need.  Not a single person has said; “no sports in Ellicott” what the citizens will have said is NO to the School Board.  I also believe the citizens is telling this school board to start telling us the truth.  I also believe that if 3C is voted down the cause can be linked to the Ear and members of the school board. Remember the Middle School’s bond issue?  It was supported by citizens of Ellicott, citizens that saw the need and addressed the need with the rest of Ellicott,  The SOS/3C’s organizations knocking on doors and got it past; individuals that this board and others have slander and ridiculed, leaders in this community.    Doesn’t it say somewhere that the school board members are to represent the citizens?  Lets’  take a poll; who does Mr Hudson represent?  Who does Mr G. Dahn represent?  Who does Mr M Dahn represent?  Who does Mr McWilliams represent?  Mr Rehkopf was selected not elected but in my opinion, we know.



Integrity in Leadership


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