Yes it is a WAR

What is the definition of debate?  What is meant by campaigning?  What is meant by standup for something?  What is an election for?

quote, “Who is McDowell fighting in his war? He seems to be talking about everyone that has a different opinion than he does.”  My War? It is a war to replace left leaning politicians. It is a war to replace elected officials that aren’t honest. It is a war to replace individuals that don’t process Conservatives values. It is a war to replace elected officials that do not support the Constitution and Bill of Rights. It is a war to replace elected officials that do not believe in the freedoms that I hold important. Yes it is a war against those that do not believe in the things I believe in.  Yes it is a war against those that lie about others.  It is a war every day to defeat those that are wrong.  Yes it is a War against those that fail us.

It was not the yellow signs, it was placing them in the right-of-ways and in front of private property without permission, it is against the law. I was against the yellow signs because the individuals were not honest enough to say who they are. I have signs up, but they are legal. Don’t forget as soon as the election is closed you have to remove them.

Please print the name, of any person that has been belittled unjustly, who have I called names. If a person said he saw a board member putting up a sign, how can you say that was wrong? I never said anything about the district’s board paying for the signs, I said I hope that they didn’t.

Budget, look at the budget! Anyone can see what is in the budget and see or listen to what is being spent. Lets’ look to see if a sign for the High school is there, or the big sign at the District. What I’m I trying to do?  Voice the other side, there is always more than one side.  Accountability !!!!!!!!!

What is the purpose of voting? It is trying to get folks to vote the way you believe is right. You put up SIGNS so folks can see who you support, you volunteer for candidates you support, you talk to folks about those you support. Isn’t that why the ????? member put up the sign, or the board pushed the 3C ballot issue?

We want know the will of the majority until late Nov 4th or the 5th.

The Ear needs to review what party Majority of El Paso  county supports. We are trying to get the rest of the state to see the truth. It is called freedom, we all get to fill out a ballot and drop it in the ballot box. True freedom.  Maybe the Ear needs to understand what each party stands for.

quote, “If you don’t like the way they vote, you can always leave.” Or you can start working for the next election to replace the person you did not vote for. I did not vote for Obama, so should I just give up or start working to replace him. Yes, a law is a law, live by it or change it or deal with the result of not abiding. Guns, marriage, illegals -non citizens, health care, taxes there is so much “they are trying to change or take from us. You must be hiding in a hole or one of them. Why should you or I pay for anyone else’s medical or anything else. But isn’t the government going to fine you if you DON’T buy THEIR insurance, is that freedom?

quote, “the old saying “the only constant is change”?  Not true Ear, death is the only constant.

Quote, His opinions are no longer the view of the majority of people.  The majority of people have moved past his “old ways”; but he just does not seem to be able to keep up or to be able to move forward with them.”  Lets’ wait to make this statement until the morning of Nov 5th. Lets’ wait until the ballots are counted. quote, “after all as far as we can tell he has been a loser all his life”. how can you say this, it isn’t nice and you say I call folks names.



Integrity in Leadership

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