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Colorado GOP Headlines for the week of 10-31-2014     Colorado And Iowa Are More Important Than You Think Daily Caller | October 31, 2014   The Senate races in Colorado and Iowa are key contests in Tuesday’s midterms, say reporters and pundits alike. Indeed, if one party wins both elections, it will very likely control the Senate in the 114th Congress. But the importance of those contests extends well beyond the media’s horse-race coverage. The Republican candidates for those two seats – Cory Gardner in Colorado and Joni Ernst in Iowa – are unusually talented politicians who, if elected, could help reshape the election.  John Elway Backs Cory Gardner Weekly Standard | October 31, 2014   Bad news for Senator Udall.  As reported in The Hill, a big-time, high-profile, hero to Colorado is backing his opponent, Rep. Gardner. It isn’t the money. Another five grand, more or less, won’t swing the election. What is ominous for the Udall operation is the identity of the donor. He is a winner, who doesn’t seem to know anything else. That would be John Elway.    Hollywood pumps cash to candidates The Hill | October 31, 2014   High-profile donors also showed Republicans some monetary love. Denver Broncos general manager John Elway gave $7,500 total — donating $5,000 to Rep. Cory Gardner’s (R-Colo.) Senate bid against incumbent Sen. Mark Udall (D-Colo.) and $2,500 to the National Republican Senatorial Committee.   Not That Kind of Republican The Atlantic | October 31, 2014   When Cory Gardner, the Republicans’ much-hyped Senate nominee, bounds up onto a chair for a quick rev-’em-up speech, the contrast couldn’t be clearer. “What can we do to make sure we are protecting this beautiful environment?” he asks. “What can we do to put more Colorado in Washington and less Washington in Colorado?” He talks about economic growth, making college affordable, and working across party lines. He talks about his grandparents and the American Dream.   Tight races for Senate, governor define the Colorado election Denver Post | October 31, 2014   More than 1 million voters returned their ballots by Wednesday, and registered Republicans hold a 9-percentage-point advantage over Democrats, who typically wait longer to return their ballots. The results roughly align with the average margin of all polling in the U.S. Senate race and make Colorado one of a handful of states that could decide partisan control of the legislative chamber.   Colorado Sen. Udall’s war-on-women campaign implodes Washington Examiner | October 31, 2014   Colorado’s Democrat incumbent Sen. Mark Udall’s war-on-women campaign – that continues to insist amiable Republican opponent Cory Gardner is actually J.R. Ewing reincarnated – isn’t working. Unfortunately for Udall, and perhaps the Democratic Party, it may be too late to put Jeannie back in her brass bottle. According to a Quinnipiac poll published Wednesday, Udall’s dogmatic “war on women” campaign is turning Colorado’s male voters off more than it is turning the state’s female voters on.   Fundraising Chiefs: Four States to Set Election Night’s Tone Wall Street Journal | October 31, 2014   Republicans this cycle were careful not to repeat the mistakes of 2010 of 2012, when candidates would respond to any attack by criticizing the Affordable Care Act, regardless of whether there was a connection. “We were not going to make that mistake, and we haven’t made that mistake,” he said, pointing to GOP Senate nominee Cory Gardner of Colorado, who ran an ad on the subject of wind energy, as an example of a candidate discussing local issues.   Colorado election law prompts concerns about voter fraud Fox News | October 31, 2014   Colorado’s new election system is being panned by critics as a “ridiculous experiment” that could lead to more voter fraud — in a year of very tight races with nothing less than control of the Senate on the line. This election year, every eligible Colorado voter is getting their ballot in the mail. It’s a system used by only two other states — Oregon and Washington.   The Gloves Are Off Wall Street Journal | October 31, 2014   The NARAL spots—TV and radio—seek to influence the Colorado senate race, in which Republican Rep. Cory Gardner has been slightly favored to unseat Sen. Mark Udall. The incumbent has relied so heavily on the once-fashionable Democratic war-on-women shtick that he’s earned the derisive nickname “Mark Uterus.”   Ebola and Economy Bigger Voter Concerns Than Abortion Associated Press | October 31, 2014   A new Associated Press-GfK Poll shows that candidates will have a hard time rallying voters around social issues on Election Day. The poll found that likely voters’ top issues are the economy, health care, Ebola and the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria. Those issues largely favor Republicans. Democrats have tried to rally their base of single women by focusing on abortion rights and other social issues.   Study: Yes, Sen. Udall DID Vote With Obama 99 Percent Of The Time Daily Caller | October 31, 2014   Throughout his Colorado Senate campaign, GOP challenger Cory Gardner has said that his opponent, incumbent Democratic Sen. Mark Udall, voted with President Obama 99 percent of the time. Udall tried to refute the charge by calling himself an independent Democrat who regularly stands up to the White House. But a new study by CQ Roll Call backs up the Gardner campaign’s claims.   Poll: Economy, Other Issues Overshadow Abortion Associated Press | October 31, 2014   Gardner may have been able to parry the offensive by proposing that birth control pills be sold over-the-counter, without a prescription. After he began airing an ad on his proposal last month – as security concerns rose amid U.S. military action against the Islamic State group in the Middle East and the West Africa outbreak of the Ebola virus – Gardner moved ahead in public polls. Gardner isn’t the only Republican to propose the sale of birth control over-the-counter. So, too, have Republicans running for Senate in North Carolina, Virginia and Minnesota.   Registered Republicans Have 84,000 Vote Edge in Colorado’s Early Vote National Review | October 31, 2014   Democratic firm Public Policy Polling just unveiled a survey in Colorado, conducted for the League of Conservation Voters, showing Republican Cory Gardner and Democratic incumbent Mark Udall tied, with 48 percent each. This is a surprise, as most polls of this race showed a solid Gardner lead. Just this morning, Quinnipiac unveiled a poll showing the Republican ahead by 7 points and  Rasmussen had Gardner up by 6.   Campaigning to Extend, or End, One-Party Rule The New York Times | October 31, 2014   In Colorado, where the Democrats won full control in 2012, there has already been fallout. Two Democrats were removed in recall elections in 2013, cutting the party’s hold on the State Senate to a single vote, and Gov. John W. Hickenlooper, a Democrat, is fighting for political survival in a tight race with Bob Beauprez, a Republican. In the State Senate, Republicans have targeted eight seats in the hope of gaining some say — though by no means complete control.   Tight races for Senate, governor define the Colorado election Denver Post | October 31, 2014   The top-ticket races in Colorado are deadlocked in the final Denver Post poll of the 2014 election, illustrating the state’s split political personality and the vulnerability of Democrats in this Republican-leaning midterm. Democratic incumbent Mark Udall trails his Republican challenger Cory Gardner by 2 points — a statistical tie — in one of the nation’s most-watched U.S. Senate races. And Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper is fighting for his political life in a dead heat against Republican rival Bob Beauprez.   Hick dragged into Alaska pot debate NBC 9 News | October 31, 2014   The campaign against legalizing marijuana in the state of Alaska found a new pitchman for their cause: Gov. John Hickenlooper (D-Colorado). Hickenlooper appears in a digital ad campaign from the “No on 2” campaign, with his image appearing on Alaskan websites along with a quote calling the vote to legalize pot in Colorado “reckless” when prompted by a debate moderator.   Christie campaigns for Beauprez in last days of tight Colorado governor’s race Associated Press | October 31, 2014   Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez continued a line of attack against Gov. John Hickenlooper centering on public safety Thursday, this time with the help of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. Christie, considered a possible presidential contender, made his fourth visit to Colorado since July to stump for Beauprez in a race considered too close to call with only days before Election Day.   Colorado governor: Hickenlooper, Beauprez tied in Denver Post poll Denver Post | October 31, 2014   Once-charmed Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper is fighting for his political life as the final Denver Post poll in the governor’s race shows him tied with Republican rival Bob Beauprez. Hickenlooper and Beauprez are deadlocked at 46 percent, according to a SurveyUSA poll this week that reached likely voters and those who had completed mail ballots.   In tight elections, groups try shame as turnout tactic USA Today | October 31, 2014   Zvonek said Americans for Prosperity is not pushing a partisan message, but wants to remind voters that “it’s an important election here in Colorado.”The state is home to two closely watched contests: the hard-fought battle between incumbent Democrat Gov. John Hickenlooper and Republican Bob Beauprez and the tight race between Colorado Democratic Sen. Mark Udall and Republican Rep. Cory Gardner that could determine which party controls the Senate.   Beauprez continues focus on public safety as Dems hit back Fox 31 Denver | October 31, 2014   Republican gubernatorial hopeful Bob Beauprez continues to stick to the issue of public safety in the closing days of his campaign to unseat Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper.   GOP keeping up full-court press Pueblo Chieftan | October 31, 2014   Keeping up a full-court press, Republican candidates Bob Beauprez, U.S. Rep. Cory Gardner and U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton led a pep rally of Pueblo supporters Thursday evening with the express purpose of getting volunteers to turn out GOP voters.   Dems, Republicans urge Colorado Springs voters to cast their ballots Colorado Springs Gazette | October 31, 2014   Incumbent Congressman Doug Lamborn told voters at the Republican rally he’s facing an opponent – Irv Halter – who swapped political parties after seeing how great President Barack Obama is.   Colorado House candidates debate in Spanish Colorado Springs Gazette/AP | October 31, 2014   Candidates for one of the top congressional races in the country debated in Spanish on Thursday as they compete for a district with a growing Hispanic population. U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman has been furiously studying Spanish for the past year; his Democrat challenger, former Colorado House Speaker Andrew Romanoff, is fluent, having served in the Peace Corps in Costa Rica.   Spanish debate focuses Mike Coffman, Andrew Romanoff on immigration Denver Post | October 31, 2014   In Colorado’s first known all-Spanish debate between political candidates, U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman, who’s been learning the language since early last year, read closely from written answers. Democrat Andrew Romanoff, a more fluent speaker, spoke extemporaneously. But amid translated talking points, both made special effort Thursday to connect with their television audience, the Denver area’s sizable population of Latinos. Many of them live in the 6th Congressional District.   Jeb Bush swipes at Hillary Clinton in Colorado Fort Collins Coloradoan | October 30, 2014   Bush is fluent in Spanish and seen by many Republicans as his party’s best candidate to reach out to the fast-growing Hispanic population, which is trending Democratic. Earlier Wednesday, he appeared with Gardner and Beauprez at Denver’s Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, where he took questions from Spanish-language media about immigration.   What’s Separating the GOP’s Leading Candidates From the Trailing Ones? National Review | October 30, 2014   Presuming Election Day follows the current polls — and obviously, polls in close races can be wrong – some will shoehorn the evidence to fit a narrative that “authentic conservatives” like Gardner, Cotton and Ernst won while “establishment Republican” candidates like Tillis and Land lost. To do this, you have to really blur your definitions of “establishment” and “conservative.” Gardner was first elected to office in 2005, and Cotton is a congressman.   Could it be a preview of 2016? Jeb Bush takes a swipe at Hillary Clinton The Washington Post | October 30, 2014   Bush appeared at a rally with Republican candidates at the Douglas County fairgrounds, where attendees sat on bales of hay. Bush spoke between a slate of statewide and Congressional candidates and Bob Beauprez, who is running for governor, and Senate candidate Cory Gardner. “Imagine a Republican controlled Senate and House of Representatives,” Bush said, and start “beginning to paint what that agenda looks like.”   Colorado Senate race No. 2 in spending by outside groups Fort Collins Coloradoan | October 30, 2014   Outside interest groups continue to plow money into the Colorado Senate race — more than $10.5 million in just the eight days ended Tuesday, and a total of almost $61 million on behalf of Democratic Sen. Mark Udall and Republican challenger Rep. Cory Gardner, according to figures compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics. The only race in the country with more spending by outside groups is the Senate race in North Carolina, at $76 million.   With election around the corner, Rep. Cory Gardner airs first Spanish language ad Denver Post | October 30, 2014   Congressman Cory Gardner, who is trying to unseat Democratic Sen. Mark Udall, has aired his first ad aimed at Colorado’s growing Latino population and crucial vote. “Cory is a family man with two priorities: preparing our kids to be leaders and creating the jobs that our families need,” a narrator says in Spanish. The ad ends with Gardner saying in Spanish, “I’m Cory Gardner and I approve this message.”   Bet on a GOP Senate Majority Politico | October 30, 2014   Polling in Colorado misfired in both 2010 and 2012, underestimating the Democratic vote in both years, and Democrats are banking on a similar mishap. They’re also counting on the state’s new all-mail balloting to boost Democratic turnout, delivering an upset victory for Sen. Mark Udall (D), who trails in nearly all independent polling to Rep. Cory Gardner (R). That is possible, but there is also reason to be skeptical. For one thing, Gardner is unquestionably a superior candidate to Ken Buck, the Republican who fumbled the 2010 race against Sen. Michael Bennet (D).   Colorado’s election ‘day’ nearly half over; signs of anxiety on left Washington Examiner | October 30, 2014   The state of Colorado has embarked on a far-reaching experiment this campaign season: Its 2014 election, featuring a high-profile contest between incumbent Democratic Sen. Mark Udall and Republican challenger Rep. Cory Gardner, is being conducted exclusively with mail-in ballots. Every voter in the state has received a ballot; if a person wants to vote on Election Day, he or she will have to take that ballot to what is called a voter service center, present it to officials and then vote.   Udall Going All In on What Hasn’t Been Working Daily Caller | October 30, 2014   He’s been criticized for running a single-issue campaign on birth control, but that didn’t stop Senator Mark Udall (D., Colo.) and his allies from warning that a victory by his Republican challenger, Representative Cory Gardner, could mean the end of condoms.   A State-by-State Look at Why the GOP Is Cautiously Optimistic About Election Day ABC News | October 30, 2014   Iowa and Colorado are trending Republican. Many Democrats in their respective states concede the Republican candidates, Cory Gardner in Colorado and Joni Ernst in Iowa, are in the driver’s seat and need an overwhelming Democratic turnout to overcome the GOP momentum. Republicans are bullish about both contests, particularly Iowa.   Democrats Accused Of Posing As Republican Election Judges In Colorado Daily Caller | October 30, 2014   The Colorado secretary of state is investigating allegations that some Boulder County Republican election judges are actually Democrats in disguise. Boulder County GOP Chairwoman Ellyn Hilliard initially raised the alarm when visiting polling locations where she didn’t recognize some of the GOP judges who are tasked with comparing voter signatures on mail ballots to protect against vote fraud.   Senate Overview: Six Days Out Cook Political Report | October 30, 2014   Gardner has run a very solid campaign and raised an impressive war chest, particularly considering that he got into the race late. It has helped that he hasn’t been knocked off his own message by Democrats’ relentless attacks.   How Joni Ernst and Cory Gardner Point the GOP’s Way for 2016 Wall Street Journal | October 30, 2014   Colorado and Iowa are classic swing states, both of whose results in presidential elections over the past several cycles have largely mirrored national outcomes. Colorado’s growing Hispanic population and Iowa’s rapid urbanization fueled Obama victories in both states in 2008 and 2012, and demographic trends would indicate a likely advantage for the Democratic nominee in two years. Republican candidates Joni Ernst in Iowa and Cory Gardner in Colorado started out as decided underdogs this year, but both have found ways to fend off Democratic attacks that have been so effective in recent years with minority, female and younger voters.   Republican Ballots Lead in Colorado Early Voting Real Clear Politics | October 30, 2014   Republicans lead Democrats, 41.9 percent-32.5 percent, in early voting in Colorado, according to official results published by Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler. These results are promising for Republican Rep. Cory Gardner and Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez. Gardner is facing Democratic incumbent Mark Udall in the state’s U.S. Senate election, and Beauprez is challenging Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper in his bid for re-election. The RCP polling average shows Gardner ahead of Udall, 47 percent-43.7 percent, and Beauprez tied with Hickenlooper at 45.1 percent each.   Gov. Christie campaigning for Beauprez in Colorado Associated Press | October 30, 2014   Colorado Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez is getting help again from New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie in the final days of the election. Beauprez and Christie will be at a rally in Colorado Springs Thursday afternoon that will also include U.S. Rep. Cory Gardner, who is running for U.S. Senate.   Editorial: Gov. Hickenlooper wants to censor ad about mass killer Editorial – Colorado Springs Gazette | October 30, 2014   “There’s plenty of deception surrounding justice for the Chuck E. Cheese killer, but not by the Republican Governors Association or Bob Beauprez. The deception emanates from a governor who delayed the execution and later whispered plans for post-election clemency — when it can’t hurt him politically. Gov. Hickenlooper has created this dilemma. He cannot demand censorship to hide it from view.”   How the Economy Is Stoking Voter Anger at Incumbent Governors The Wall Street Journal | October 30, 2014   Having one of the strongest state economies in Colorado isn’t translating into an improved political climate for Mr. Hickenlooper. He is roughly tied in the polls with Republican Party candidate Bob Beauprez, a businessman and former congressman, even though state unemployment dipped in September to 4.7%, the lowest notch in six years.   Republicans Seek to Expand Dominance in States Bloomberg News | October 30, 2014   Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper is locked in a close race with Republican challenger Bob Beauprez as his party tries to regain control of both legislative chambers by promising to reverse mandatory background checks for gun purchases and a ban on ammunition magazines with more than 15 rounds. “We’ve made inroads in what may traditionally be perceived as Democratic strongholds,” said Ryan Call, chairman of the Colorado Republican Party.   Jeb Bush stumps for Colorado Republicans in presidential swing state Denver Post | October 30, 2014   “Let’s make Colorado a Red State again,” Beauprez said to the fired-up crowd in what is considered an important swing state in national elections for its tendency to move either left or right from election to election. That would matter to Bush, if he follows the political paths of his father and brother.   Republican takes lead in Colorado governor race Washington Times | October 30, 2014   Republican Bob Beauprez pulled ahead of Gov. John Hickenlooper in a Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday in Colorado’s hard-fought gubernatorial contest. Mr. Beauprez led by 45 percent to 40 percent in the latest survey of likely Colorado voters, a swing of six percentage points since last week’s Quinnipiac poll, which showed Mr. Hickenlooper ahead by one percentage point — 45 to 44 percent.   Last Days of Colorado Governor Race Focus on Crime U.S. News & World Report | October 30, 2014   Perennial swing state Colorado has been the center of debates about women’s health, energy and legalized marijuana. But the closing days of its tight governor’s race are coming down to an old-fashioned issue: crime. Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez is slamming Gov. John Hickenlooper’s record on public safety, hoping a debate over crime and punishment will help him knock off a Democratic incumbent who’s overseen an improving state economy.   Military and community leaders assure Ebola preparedness in Pikes Peak region KRDO | October 30, 2014   At a community meeting Wednesday night leaders in politics, medicine and the military in the Pikes Peak region assured the public that they’re prepared in case of an Ebola outbreak. The meeting was hosted by U.S. Rep. Doug Lamborn in Centennial Hall and was meant to be informational for members of the community.   A first in Colorado: Two Anglo politicians to debate on TV in Spanish Fox News Latino | October 30, 2014   On Thursday, Colorado – one of the most closely watched states this midterm election season – will have its first all-Spanish congressional debate. U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman, a Republican, and his Democratic challenger, Andrew Romanoff, will be fielding questions and answering them in Spanish in a televised debate on the local Univision station.   The Hardest-Working House Candidates Are Running Against Each Other National Journal | October 30, 2014   On Thursday evening, Republican Rep. Mike Coffman and his Democratic opponent in Colorado’s 6th Congressional District, Andrew Romanoff, will debate in Spanish—a language Coffman didn’t speak at this time in his last race. It will be the first-ever Spanish-language congressional debate in Colorado, and it may be the first time ever that two Anglo House candidates have debated in Spanish anywhere. And the Republican has been working up to this moment for months.   GOP Woos Asian Voters in Swing Districts Wall Street Journal | October 30, 2014   Nationwide, the GOP has 10 field workers focused on Asian-American voters, including in Colorado, where Rep. Mike Coffman is in a close race for re-election in a district that is 5% Asian.   Cory Gardner rallies in Larimer County Loveland Reporter-Herald | October 29, 2014   Loveland resident Sally Carlson says it’s time to elect a candidate who will do the job as a “statesman,” not a “politician,” and to her, it’s obvious that U.S. Senate candidate Cory Gardner is the man for the job. “He does what’s right,” Carlson said at a campaign rally at the Republican Party’s Fort Collins “Victory Office” on Tuesday afternoon. “I really think he’s going to represent the people.”   Business Bets Big on GOP in Senate The Wall Street Journal | October 29, 2014   After initially supporting Mr. Udall, of Colorado, businesses—especially those in the energy industry—have moved toward his GOP challenger, Rep. Cory Gardner. Through the end of June, Mr. Udall had received 56% of business PAC contributions, compared with Mr. Gardner’s 44%. In the third quarter, those shares flipped: Mr. Udall received 46% of business PAC money, and Mr. Gardner attracted 54%. Mr. Udall’s campaign didn’t respond to a request for comment.   Liberal Groups Petition Denver Post To Retract Cory Gardner Endorsement Daily Caller | October 29, 2014   It’s been nearly three weeks since the Denver Post endorsed Republican Cory Gardner for Senate and the newspaper is still taking heat from the left. On Tuesday, representatives of MoveOn and NARAL Pro-Choice America delivered to the paper’s headquarters about 12,000 signatures calling for the paper to retract its endorsement.   The Globe Goes for GOP? Newspapers Weigh In U.S. News & World Report | October 29, 2014   Gardner also holds two major Colorado newspapers in his corner. The Denver Post and the Colorado Springs Gazette have both publicly backed Gardner over the incumbent Udall.   Best of the cycle The Washington Post | October 29, 2014   Best retort: A tie between Rep. Cory Gardner (R-Colo.), who completely defanged the war on women hooey from Sen. Mark Udall (D-Colo.), and Republican candidate Dan Sullivan in Alaska, who turned his opponent’s gotcha ad on a rapist released from jail into an issue about Sen. Mark Begich’s character.   Gardner takes aim at Udall on I-25 funding Fort Collins Coloradoan | October 29, 2014   In an off-hand comment during a stop in Larimer County — a swing county with more unaffiliated voters than those registered as Republican or Democrat — U.S. Rep. Cory Gardner took a swing at Sen. Mark Udall over federal funding to expand Interstate 25. “We’ve been working on that effort,” said Gardner, a Republican trying to unseat the Democratic senator. “Quite frankly, I don’t know if Sen. Udall has done anything about it.”   Democrats, hoping to save Colorado, send Clinton USA Today | October 29, 2014   Republicans have also called in their party’s big guns to build on their momentum: former Florida governor Jeb Bush is coming to the GOP stronghold of Douglas County on Wednesday, and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is set to appear with Beauprez Thursday in the traditionally Republican area of Colorado Springs. In a statement, Colorado GOP chairman Ryan Call said Clinton may have appeared with Udall on Tuesday but it’s his ties with Obama that voters truly care about.   Top three races for Hispanics in America The Hill | October 29, 2014   For Colorado voters, Gardner represents a forward thinking leadership style that prioritizes the importance of individual liberty and economic prosperity. Gardner’s desire to empower families will be a breath of fresh air to a Senate that has abdicated its responsibilities in recent years under the iron-fisted style of Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.).   In Cory Gardner, a look at the GOP’s happy future Washington Examiner | October 29, 2014   Gardner’s mid-course change seems to have worked. He has been ahead in 13 out of the last 15 public polls compiled in the RealClearPolitics average. His gender gap with women voters has narrowed, while Udall’s much bigger gap with men has widened. The fact that Gardner appears to have successfully turned back the Democratic attack probably owes as much to what is universally referred to as his sunny disposition as to any specific policy proposal. Gardner’s campaign appearances are remarkably positive in their tone, probably because he’s that way in person, too   Quinnipiac: Male Voters ‘Going Republican’ Give Beauprez Lead In Poll CBS Denver | October 29, 2014   A new poll out Wednesday morning from Quinnipiac University shows Republican Bob Beauprez with a lead over Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper in Colorado’s governor’s race. The poll shows Beauprez with 45 percent and Hickenlooper with 40 percent. That’s a reversal from last week when Hickenlooper led the race by 1 percent.   Jeb Bush to lead rally in Castle Rock for Colo. GOP candidates Aurora Sentinel | October 29, 2014   Senate candidate Cory Gardner and gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez are among the candidates expected to join him at the Douglas County Fairgrounds.   Poll: Men give Beauprez lead over Gov. Hickenlooper in race for governor KRDO | October 29, 2014   The Republican challenger in Colorado’s race for governor is in the lead, thanks to men. A new Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday shows men are going Republican in the race. According to the poll, Bob Beauprez leads Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper 45 – 40 percent among likely voters.   Hickenlooper one of 5 incumbent governors ‘in trouble’ NBC 9 News | October 29, 2014   Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper is one of the ones who may be on the chopping block, according to USA Today. “In Colorado, Hickenlooper has worked to foster a reputation for not being particularly political, including ruling out negative ads,” USA Today Political Reporter Susan Page said. “Now he’s getting hammered by Republican Bob Beauprez for not being particularly decisive. One issue is Hickenlooper’s temporary reprieve for a convicted killer who’s sitting on death row.”   Statehouse Rock: Governors facing tight races from coast to coast Fox News | October 29, 2014   Hickenlooper signed more than 400 bills last year, including ones on the environment and gun control that infuriated conservatives in the swing state. “Doing so much so fast in one year was a big bite to take,” the first-term governor recently told Governing, a nonpartisan publication focusing on state and local government. And he conceded in a recent debate against Republican challenger and former Rep. Bob Beauprez that Colorado was “reckless” last year in legalizing recreational marijuana. Beauprez leads by 2 percentage points, 45-to-43 percent, according to an averaging of polls by the website RealClearPolitics.   Cory Gardner holds “Boulder Victory Rally” near campus CU Independent | October 29, 2014   Gardner and George Leing, the Republican candidate for representative of Colorado’s second district, both gave speeches at the rally.   Polis, Leing spar in debate at CU-Boulder Boulder Daily Camera | October 29, 2014   U.S. Rep. Jared Polis and George Leing laid out for voters how they’d tackle rising higher education costs, international threats to the country and gridlock in Washington during a spirited debate one week before Election Day.   Is the GOP Wasting Its Time Courting Black Voters in Illinois? National Journal | October 29, 2014   Early in the cycle, Sen. Marco Rubio’s political action committee aired Spanish-language ads in support of Republican Cory Gardner in the Colorado Senate race. Representing a swing seat, Republican Rep. Mike Coffman has become omnipresent throughout his cosmopolitan suburban Denver district, from Korean community meetings to Hispanic groceries.   Colorado’s Early Vote Through Monday: 42.8% Republicans, 32.4% Democrats National Review |October 28, 2014   I talked to a consultant who’s plugged in to the Republican Party’s efforts in the Senate races in Colorado and North Carolina. For obvious reasons, he’s feeling good about Cory Gardner’s effort in Colorado, noting that Republicans continue to hold a big lead in early voting.   Control of the Senate Coming Down to the Wire Christian Broadcast Network |October 28, 2014   Colorado — Mark Udall (D) vs. Cory Gardner (R) Polls show a tight race in a once-red state gone blue.  Democrats tried to make hay with Gardner’s proposal to sell female contraceptives over the counter, but the race is coming down to other issues and Udall is unable to get more than 45 percent approval.  Gardner has run perhaps the best campaign of any Republican challenging an incumbent and maintains a narrow lead in the final week.   Mark Udall Faces a Turnout Challenge in Colorado The New York Times |October 28, 2014   Mr. Udall tried and apparently failed to make similar gains with similar attacks against Cory Gardner’s past support for the state’s “personhood” amendment. By most accounts, Mr. Gardner has run a smart race. As a result, Mr. Udall does not seem poised to run so far ahead of Mr. Obama; he could easily even run behind Mr. Obama. He now needs to make up for it with a more Democratic electorate than the one that narrowly elected Mr. Bennet four years ago.   One on one with Rep. Cory Gardner The Denver Channel |October 28, 2014   7NEWS goes one-on-one with Rep. Cory Gardner, who is running for U.S Senate.   Colorado Republicans outspent but getting more bang for buck Washington Times |October 28, 2014   Republicans haven’t won a Senate or governor’s race here in 12 years, but with one week before the Nov. 4 election, eight of the last nine polls show Republican Rep. Cory Gardner leading by a handful of points in his bid to unseat Democratic Sen. Mark Udall.   Bill Clinton to rally voters for Udall, Hickenlooper and Romanoff Denver Post |October 28, 2014   Republicans, too, are bringing in big names as the campaign winds down, but they have portrayed the Democratic visits as last-ditch efforts to save Udall in his tight race. “President Clinton can attempt to bail out Senator Udall with lofty cliches and sound bites, but his record speaks louder than words,” said a statement issued by Colorado GOP Chairman Ryan Call. “The fact remains that Senator Udall has forgotten the priorities of Colorado and chosen to align his votes with the failed policies of President Obama.”   2014: The Year Democrats Lost the Press Bloomberg News |October 28, 2014   You could see it in the Denver Post’s surprise endorsement of Republican candidate Cory Gardner, which branded Senator Mark Udall’s social issues-centric campaign “obnoxious.” When debate moderators told Udall he was being nicknamed “Mark Uterus,” they were responding to months of derision from the right.   Rove: Momentum ‘on the Republicans’ side’ in key Senate races Fox News |October 28, 2014   In Colorado, early mail-in ballot returns are heavily favoring Republicans compared with 2010 as challenger Cory Gardner looks to unseat Democrat Mark Udall. “It’s been a seven-point swing towards Gardner,” Rove said of two recent NBC polls. “This is a state where there’s been a durable, consistent pattern of Gardner having the lead.”   Son says Jeb Bush ‘more than likely’ eyeing 2016 run CNN |October 28, 2014   This week, Bush will travel to Colorado — another swing state — to campaign for Senate hopeful Rep. Cory Gardner, who faces a tight contest with sitting Sen. Mark Udall.   The Surprising Struggles of Mark Udall to Win Colorado Women Time Magazine |October 28, 2014   If you live in Colorado, you might be forgiven for thinking the 2014 midterm elections are about one thing: abortion. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee on Monday released a new television ad hitting GOP Rep. Cory Gardner, who is challenging Sen. Mark Udall for his Colorado seat, for not “being honest with women.”…The problem is Gardner refuses to play along. In June, he retracted his support for so-called personhood, or the belief that life begins at the moment of conception, and has since backed making contraception—though not all forms of it—available over the counter. Now, with a week to go before the election, Udall is down 2.8 percentage points in polls, according to an average of Colorado polls by Real Clear Politics. More troublingly he’s down amongst female voters in at least two polls. If Udall loses women, he’s lost his seat.   Udalls in Freefall? Weekly Standard |October 28, 2014   Senator Mark Udall has been in the battle for his political life for months, as his Republican challenger Cory Gardner has gained and overtaken the Colorado Democrat in the polls. Gardner has led Udall in 11 of the past 12 polls, and has a 3.2-point lead in the Real Clear Politics average of polls. The latest poll one, from Rasmussen, has Garnder ahead by six points.   No Labels Backs Gardner Ground Effort in Colorado Real Clear Politics |October 28, 2014   No Labels, the nonpartisan political group aimed at ending gridlock in Washington, will actively support Rep. Cory Gardner in the final days of his challenge against Colorado Sen. Mark Udall. According to an email obtained by RealClearPolitics, No Labels “will be staging independent Get Out The Vote efforts to support our Problem Solver members” between Oct. 31 and Election Day. Gardner is one of those members and is specifically mentioned in the email.   Bill Clinton stumps with Udall, guv Durango Herald |October 28, 2014   Republicans have not seen the same star-studded GOTV lineup as Democrats. But that will change on Wednesday when former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is scheduled to campaign for Gardner and Republican gubernatorial challenger Bob Beauprez in Douglas County. Bush is considered a potential Republican presidential candidate for 2016. The Colorado Republican Party called Clinton’s stops in Colorado a rescue mission for Democrats. “President Clinton can attempt to bailout Sen. Udall with lofty clichés and sound bites, but his record speaks louder than words,” said state GOP Chairman Ryan Call. “The fact remains that Sen. Udall has forgotten the priorities of Colorado and chosen to align his votes with the failed policies of President Obama.”   Snoop Dogg Cancels Colorado Endorsement Rally Daily Caller |October 28, 2014   Rapper Snoop Dogg has canceled a Halloween weekend musical festival that was meant, in part, to endorse and boost the campaign of political dark horse Mike Dunafon, an unaffiliated long-shot contender for governor of Colorado.   Gubernatorial Candidates Advise Caution On Legalized Pot CBS Denver |October 28, 2014   “I think we are very much in a learning phase here in Colorado,” said Republican challenger Bob Beauprez. “The people of Colorado supported Amendment 64 by a significant majority. I think we need enforce the law as it was passed.” Like Beauprez, Democratic incumbent Gov. John Hickenlooper opposed the 2012 Colorado ballot initiative that called for retail sales of the drug to those over 21.   Gov. Chris Christie in Colorado Springs on campaign trail Colorado Springs Gazette |October 28, 2014   New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will stump for Colorado’s embattled Republicans Thursday at the El Paso County GOP headquarters. “Considering Christie’s role as chairman of the RGA (Republican Governors Association), the timing of his visit indicates that El Paso County is pivotal,” said Daniel Cole, executive director of the El Paso County Republican Party.   Mass murderer’s life hangs in balance in Colo. governor’s race Washington Times |October 28, 2014   Mr. Hickenlooper hasn’t ruled out the possibility of commuting Dunlap’s sentence from death to life in prison without possibility of parole in the months after the Nov. 4 election if he loses to Republican Bob Beauprez. Meanwhile, Mr. Beauprez says that if elected he would allow the Dunlap execution to proceed.   Murder Victim’s Father Rips Hickenlooper As A ‘Coward’ In New RGA Ad Daily Caller |October 28, 2014   Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper “is a coward who doesn’t deserve to be in office,” in the words of a man whose daughter was killed by former Chuck E. Cheese employee Nathan Dunlap in 1993. Dennis O’Connor’s 17-year-old daughter Colleen was one of four employees killed by Dunlap, whose death sentence Hickenlooper stayed indefinitely last year just months before he was to be executed. The decision was not only controversial, but it could prove pivotal in Hickenlooper’s reelection campaign.   Candidates move into full campaign mode Colorado Statesman |October 28, 2014   If Colorado Republicans turn around a decade-long losing streak at the top of the ticket this year, it will be because of an unprecedented get-out-the-vote effort fueled by volunteers like Garnier, gubernatorial nominee Bob Beauprez told a crowd of several dozen supporters on Saturday at a Republican field office in Littleton.   Scott Tipton: Bringing common sense to DC Op-Ed – Steamboat Today |October 28, 2014   As a lifelong small-business owner, I have been a champion for small businesses since being elected in 2010. I set up the first bipartisan small business caucus. This is a group of moer than 150 Republican and Democrat members who have come together to focus on small-business issues. We will continue to champion the real engine of our economy and give these American entrepreneurs every tool they need to succeed. We also need to rein in government bureaucracy.   House Democrats’ 7 silver-lining districts The Hill |October 28, 2014   Democrats originally hoped there could be more opportunities. Republican GOP Reps. Mike Coffman (Colo.), David Valadao (Calif.) and Chris Gibson (N.Y.) once looked vulnerable but now all three appear likely to win reelection.   GOP Faces Test in Diverse Colorado District The Wall Street Journal |October 28, 2014   In the grand narrative of 21st century American politics, Colorado’s sixth House District is a partisan outlier. It holds large minority populations, particularly Hispanics. It voted for President Barack Obama in 2012 and it’s represented by a Republican, Rep. Mike Coffman. With Election Day closing in, analysts now say Mr. Coffman has a slight edge to hold onto the seat in 2014 against Democratic challenger Andrew Romanoff – the Cook Political Report now says it leans Republican. The race is still close, but if Mr. Coffman wins, he will have defied the odds again and given the GOP a win and hope in a place that is crucial to their long-term prospects as a majority party.   The fight for Senate control is unchanged. That’s good news for Republicans. Washington Post | October 27, 2014   For Republicans, it’s Colorado, where Rep. Cory Gardner (R) continues to pick up momentum in the race against Sen. Mark Udall (D). Two weeks ago, LEO and FiveThirtyEight gave Gardner a 57 percent chance of winning. Now FiveThirtyEight is up to 77 percent and LEO is at 82 percent. Election Lab, which put Gardner’s chance of victory at 80 percent two weeks ago, now pegs it as a 95 percent likelihood.   New round of Senate polling shows encouraging signs for GOP Washington Post | October 27, 2014   Rep. Cory Gardner (R) has a statistically insignificant 46 percent to 45 percent edge over Sen. Mark Udall (D) which sounds like bad news for Gardner, after so many polls showed him way ahead. But don’t forget Udall was up six points in the early September NBC/Marist poll, and he’s trailed almost every survey (except the CBS/NYT/YouGov polls) since.   How the war on women is changing CNN | October 27, 2014   The barrage has prompted Republicans backing Gardner to brand Udall “Senator Uterus” — a phrase that was even picked up by a moderator in a Colorado Senate debate this month. Despite the attacks, polls show abortion and contraception are not decisive issues in their tight race — reflecting data that shows the core Democratic constituency of young unmarried women often tune out the mid-terms.   Can a Republican win enough Hispanic support to win Colorado? Byron York – Washington Examiner | October 27, 2014   I asked Gardner about some of those issues the morning after the Hispanic Chamber event, as we rode between visits to campaign offices in suburban Denver. He wasn’t rattled by what had happened. “A lot of people came up to me and said they’re voting for me,” Gardner said. He had nothing but good to say about the organization. “The Hispanic Chamber is a great group,” he told me. “Diedra [Garcia, the group’s president] is a fantastic leader.”   Republicans Try to Slam the Door in 3 Key States Bloomberg News | October 27, 2014   Gardner, aided by outside groups, has punched back. The final Crossroads ad running in the state features a mother who accuses incumbent Democratic Senator Mark Udall of “running a single-issue campaign that insults us all.” Gardner leads by 2.8 percentage points, according to a RealClearPolitics average of recent polls. “The Democrats really relied on that argument, and if it’s not working for them, that’s a problem,” Duffy said.   Six Senate races that could tell the story of 2014 CNN | October 27, 2014   But recent polls have shown that Rep. Cory Gardner is doing much better than expected, including with female voters. This in itself has caused Democrats great concern, because Udall has made his opponent’s position on women’s issues the major focus of his campaign.   Tight Senate races pose cash quandaries as campaign enters its last days Washington Post | October 27, 2014   Colorado (D): All of the movement here is in the direction of Rep. Cory Gardner (R). Gardner has led Sen. Mark Udall (D) in the past 10 polls, and, according to the Real Clear Politics polling average, he is up by more than three points.   Senate Update: The Republican Advantage Is Consistent But Not Decisive FiveThirtyEight | October 27, 2014   Democrats can take some encouragement from the polls of Colorado. YouGov had Udall one point ahead (although down from a 3-point lead in its previous poll) while Marist had the Republican Cory Gardner up by one point instead. Those aren’t great results for Udall, but they’re better than most of the recent nonpartisan surveys of the state, which had shown leads of as large as seven points for Gardner. Republicans remain favored in Colorado, but Udall’s chances of keeping his seat are improved slightly.   GOP Prospects Good for Senate Takeover, Polls Suggest Bloomberg News | October 27, 2014   The NBC/Marist poll shows Cory Gardner, the Republican challenging Senator Mark Udall, with a single-point lead among likely voters (46 percent to 45 percent), despite the incumbent’s advantage with women voters in the state. That’s a 180-degree flip from last month, when Udall had a six-point advantage.   The gender gap that could mean GOP victory in Colorado Byron York – Washington Examiner | October 27, 2014   There is a gender gap in the Senate race here in Colorado, and, contrary to popular perception, it is Mark Udall’s problem. The race between the incumbent Democratic senator and his Republican challenger, Rep. Cory Gardner, has at times been a mire of gender politics. For months, Udall attacked Gardner incessantly on the issues of abortion and birth control, in an effort to run up an advantage among women voters so large that it would ensure victory.   Excitement Mounts Among Colorado GOP Associated Press | October 27, 2014   The quiet murmur of several dozen Republican activists crammed in a small office in this Denver suburb was broken Saturday morning by a jocular cry: “Hey, everybody, what’s going on?” Rep. Cory Gardner, the party’s Senate candidate – and its best shot at breaking a decade-long losing streak in top Colorado races – burst into the room wearing a blue-checkered work shirt and jeans, and immediately began shaking hands and posing for pictures.   Poll shows Gardner holds stable lead in Colorado’s U.S. Senate race Denver Post | October 27, 2014   Republican Cory Gardner continues to hold a stable lead over Democrat incumbent Mark Udall in Colorado’s U.S. Senate race, according to the latest poll. A Quinnipiac University poll, released Friday, shows Gardner at 46 percent to Udall’s 41 percent. Independent candidate Steve Shogan received 6 percent, and another 6 percent remain undecided.   Colorado GOP fired up, cheer Cory Gardner’s run for Senate Denver Post | October 27, 2014   You’ll have to forgive Jefferson County Republicans for their over-the-top enthusiasm but they believe with Congressman Cory Gardner at the top of their ticket this might be the year They. Could. Go. All. The. Way.   Polls: Momentum swinging to Republicans The Hill | October 27, 2014   Colorado: Rep. Cory Gardner (R) holds a slim lead over Sen. Mark Udall (D), 46 to 45 percent. In September, the incumbent led 48 to 42 percent.   Polls give Republicans edge in critical states Politico | October 27, 2014   GOP Rep. Cory Gardner and Democratic Sen. Mark Udall are neck-and-neck in the NBC/Marist Colorado poll, with Gardner leading 46 percent to 45 percent. Three percent of likely voters prefer another Senate candidate, and 5 percent are undecided. In key election states, conservative groups build a ground game LA Times | October 27, 2014   Now, Vogt’s days are centered on turning that data into votes for Republican Rep. Cory Gardner, who is trying to unseat Democratic Sen. Mark Udall in one of November’s tightest and most important races   Senate polls give GOP good news in key states USA Today | October 27, 2014   Colorado: GOP Rep. Cory Gardner edges Democratic Sen. Mark Udall, 46%-45%. Udall was ahead by 6 points in the NBC/Marist poll in September. Battleground Tracker: Republicans lead for Senate control; Iowa, Colorado tighten CBS News | October 27, 2014   Though few voters have shifted overall, Gardner shows some gains in positive perceptions: 22 percent say what they’ve seen or heard of him in recent weeks has made them think better of Gardner, while fewer 15 percent say that about Mark Udall.   The gender gap that could mean GOP victory in Colorado Washington Examiner | October 27, 2014   The race between the incumbent Democratic senator and his Republican challenger, Rep. Cory Gardner, has at times been a mire of gender politics. For months, Udall attacked Gardner incessantly on the issues of abortion and birth control, in an effort to run up an advantage among women voters so large that it would ensure victory on November 4. NBC News/ Marist Polls Show Tight Contests in Key States NBC News | October 27, 2014   In Colorado’s Senate contest, Republican challenger Cory Gardner holds a one-point lead among likely voters over incumbent Sen. Mark Udall, D-Colo., 46 percent to 45 percent. Back in September’s NBC/Marist poll, Udall was ahead by six points, 48 percent to 42 percent. Republicans Now Have A Very Clear Path To Senate Control… Business Insider | October 27, 2014   Colorado: Republican Cory Gardner leads incumbent Democratic Sen. Mark Udall, 46-45. That’s a 7-point swing from last month and more in line with other polls showing Gardner with a slight lead.   Mark Udall, Cory Gardner up on air with energy ads Denver Post | October 27, 2014   He is being challenged by Republican Congressman Cory Gardner, who also is running an energy ad, focusing on jobs created by the hot sector, including Realtors and engineers. Campaigns Scramble With New Colorado Election Laws CBS Denver | October 27, 2014   Udall is facing U.S. Republican Rep. Cory Gardner in a tight race that can determine which party controls the Senate. “We have an aggressive outreach program across all four corners of Colorado and ensuring voters return their ballots will continue to be a main focus of the campaign,” Matt Connelly, Gardner’s campaign spokesman, said in a statement.   Excitement mounts among Colorado GOP CBS Denver | October 27, 2014   Rep. Cory Gardner, the party’s Senate candidate – and its best shot at breaking a decade-long losing streak in top Colorado races – burst into the room wearing a blue-checkered work shirt and jeans, and immediately began shaking hands and posing for pictures. Rick Murray, 69, a financial broker, shook his head in admiration. “You see enthusiasm like that out of anybody else?” he said.   What Colorado’s elections this year could say about 2016 Washington Post | October 27, 2014   Over the next nine days, the focus in Colorado will be on the competitive Senate race between Democratic Sen. Mark Udall and his challenger, Republican Rep. Cory Gardner, and on the gubernatorial contest that pits Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper against former Republican congressman Bob Beauprez.   Obama moves Senate races to GOP Politico | October 27, 2014   In Colorado, another must-win for Democrats, Sen. Mark Udall has trailed in a series of recent polls, including a USA Today-Suffolk University survey this week that showed him down 7 points against GOP Rep. Cory Gardner, with Obama’s disapproval rating at 57 percent. In Defense of Athletic Lies and the Leaders Who Tell Them Bloomberg News | October 27, 2014   Last week, Deadspin unleashed an exclusive story about Colorado Senate candidate Cory Gardner, accusing him of making up a high-school football career. The story seemed somewhat solid, as these things go; a historian at Gardner’s high school said flat out that “Cory Gardner wasn’t on the football team,” and there appeared to be no record of Gardner ever playing. But within hours of the story going up, Gardner tweeted a picture of himself in uniform, the historian went back on his quotes, and the story fell apart. Deadspin editor-in-chief Tommy Craggs was left to, in his words, “eat sh-t,” in what instantly became one of the most entertaining corrections of all time.   Distinct agendas, riddled with holes, in Colorado governor’s race Denver Post | October 27, 2014   To hear the candidates tell it, the Colorado governor’s race is all about the past. Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper and Republican rival Bob Beauprez are rehashing a litany of well-worn issues, from marijuana to the death penalty, as partisans on both sides resurrect old statements as attack lines.   Father whose daughter was killed stars in ad targeting Hickenlooper Denver Post | October 27, 2014   The Denver Post has been told the Republican Governors Association is spending $2 million for the “substanial” ad buy, which kicks off Monday. The ad features a heartbroken Dennis O’Connor, whose 17-year-old daughter Colleen was one of four people killed at an Aurora pizzeria in 2013 by Dunlap, a disgruntled former employee. O’Connor said he waited 20 years for justice to be done, but Hickenlooper “robbed” the victims with his decision.   What Colorado’s elections this year could say about 2016 The Washington Post | October 27, 2014   Beauprez said he believes Colorado actually still leans slightly right of center. He cited as evidence the results of three state Senate recall elections prompted by passage in early 2013 of strict new gun laws.   Excitement Mounts Among Colorado GOP Associated Press | October 27, 2014   Republican enthusiasm is reflected in the early ballot returns. Colorado has overhauled its elections and this year every registered voter received a mail ballot. Citizens can register to vote until Election Day and cast their ballot at any local polling station. Republicans usually lead in early ballot returns here, and election officials statewide have received nearly 65,000 more ballots from Republican voters than from Democrats with more than 500,000 votes submitted. “Republican ballots are pouring in in huge numbers,” Beauprez told activists Saturday. “Advantage us. But now is not the time to be complacent.”   Voting may help you avoid political calls, mailers, visits ABC 7 Denver | October 27, 2014   Candidates said they are getting voting records from county clerks across the states in an effort to focus on those who have not yet voted. They said they make every effort not to contact those who have. “We actually have this to a pretty good science,” said gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez. “It’s a little bit self-serving in that it saves us money during the campaigns, but it also alleviates a nuisance — if people see it that way.”   Final debate crystallizes the Colorado governor’s race Denver Post | October 27, 2014   The final debate in Colorado’s governor’s race Friday between Democrat John Hickenlooper and Republican Bob Beauprez made for a fitting landmark in a small-ball campaign. Here’s a dump from the back of the notebook — four things from the debate to know.   A Fitting Finale to the Governor’s Debate Season CBS Denver | October 27, 2014   CBS4 and Colorado Public Television hosted the final Governor’s race on Friday night. It was a fitting finale to a very tight race. The debate covered a multitude of issues and provided viewers many opportunities where John Hickenlooper and Bob Beauprez directly interacted. In addition to covering the major issues, the candidates also were able to get into some other issues that haven’t been covered as thoroughly in the debate season.   Leing debates Polis at CSU Congressional debate | October 27, 2014   Colorado’s Second Congressional District has been blue for decades, and even after the 2011 redistricting plan, it contains liberal strongholds like Boulder and Fort Collins. Leing’s approach to politics fits with that unique situation – he takes the role of a pragmatist to Polis’ liberal flagbearer.   Testimonials to Ken Buck, who faces Democrat Vic Meyers in the 4th CD Denver Post | October 27, 2014   So many campaign ads these days sound the same, so 30 seconds of grateful fans of prosecutor/coach/friend Ken Buck stands out. The campaign ad began airing this week.   ENDORSEMENT: Elect Ken Buck in the 4th District Editorial – Longmont Times-Call | October 27, 2014   In 2010, Weld County District Attorney Ken Buck ran for U.S. Senate, losing by a thin margin to Sen. Michael Bennet. There are many reasons for that outcome, but one aspect of the race was overlooked: Buck was supported strongly by those in the 4th Congressional District. The Republican candidate is well versed on the federal issues facing the Eastern Plains of Colorado as well as several population centers including Longmont and Greeley. He is the best choice for voters in 2014.   Congressional District 5 race pits military veteran against long-time politician Colorado Springs Gazette | October 27, 2014   Republican U.S. Rep. Doug Lamborn of Colorado Springs is seeking his fifth term in office, but standing in his way is retired Air Force Maj. Gen. Irv Halter.   North Korea’s Nuclear Breakthrough Editorial – The Wall Street Journal | October 27, 2014   In April 2013 we noted that Rep. Doug Lamborn (R., Colo.) read an unclassified sentence from a Defense Intelligence Agency report. The DIA believed with “moderate confidence” that Pyongyang had mastered the miniaturization puzzle. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper rushed to trivialize the report, saying “it would be inaccurate to suggest the North Korean regime has fully developed and tested the kinds of nuclear weapons referenced in the passage.”   Political cash floods Colorado in record-breaking year Denver Post | October 27, 2014   The avalanche of dollars in Colorado’s Senate race has come from more than 50 sources. The largest players include a mixture of national parties and special interests. The House battle between Coffman and Romanoff also has attracted attention. It has been among the top 10 nationally this cycle in terms of outside cash.   Coffman, Romanoff Shed Light On Why Their Race Is So Competitive CBS Denver | October 27, 2014   Colorado’s congressional district 6 is one of the most highly competitive in the country. By the third week of October, outside groups had poured more than $7.5 million into spending on the race. During a recent Colorado Public Television 12 debate between Republican incumbent Mike Coffman and Democratic challenger Andrew Romanoff, moderator Dominic Dezzutti quizzed the candidates on why they believed the race has attracted so much money.   Candidates woo Latino voters, ignore immigration reform The Aspen Times | October 27, 2014   Colorado’s 6th Congressional District, for example, includes some of the highest concentrations of Latino voters relative to the rest of the state, and it has a tight race between Republican Representative Mike Coffman and Democratic challenger Andrew Romanoff. Both candidates find it crucial to appeal to Hispanic voters. “Mike Coffman went out to learn Spanish, and that is something that really resonates with voters,” said GOP press secretary Prado.   Colorado GOP fired up, cheer Cory Gardner’s run for Senate Denver Post | October 27, 2014   Also speaking to the crowd in Lakewood was governor hopeful Bob Beauprez, secretary of state candidate Wayne Williams, State Treasurer Walker Stapleton and congressional candidate Don Ytterberg. “We call this guarded optimism,” Ytterberg, the former Jeffco GOP chair, said of how far the Republicans are ahead in turning in their ballots.   Super PAC is spending to help candidates, ending one mystery opening another Cleveland Plain Dealer | October 27, 2014   New FEC filings for a different Ohio-based super PAC, the Hometown Freedom Action Network, show that that PAC also used 406 Enterprises recently to place mobile web ads – $346,000 worth in Minnesota and $75,000 worth in Colorado. That’s not counting the additional but smaller cost of producing the ads. The Minnesota ads are aimed at defeating Minnesota incumbent U.S. Sen. Al Franken, a Democrat. The Colorado ads are in support of Don Ytterberg, a Republican hoping to defeat a Democratic congressman there.

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