Common Core,,,,, what

The foundation for being able to pursue our dreams and succeed is a good education. Especially in a 21st century global economy, science and math are critical skills to teach our children, beginning at an early age.

That’s why I was so disappointed to open the paper this morning and see that in Colorado, we are not leading the way on social studies and science education.

Fayne, I believe if Colorado is to lead the way in the 21st century, then we need to lead the way on education. That means getting out of the endless federal red-tape caused by one-size-fits-all federal mandates like Common Core.

Should Colorado have high standards? Absolutely. Should we also provide teachers, parents and students the flexibility and opportunity to meet those standards? Of course.

In order to achieve all that we can be as a state, we must ask the hard questions and take a stand on behalf of our children. Common Core is simply not the best path for anyone except bureaucrats in Washington. Colorado’s better than that.

Take a moment to watch our new ad taking on Common Core, and how we can succeed with a focus on local control for parents and teachers.

Will you share this ad with 8 or 15 friends?

As your next governor, I will stand up for Colorado families and fight for every child to have the opportunity to pursue their American Dream.




Integrity in Leadership


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