7 Days to Go

today I’m writing from the battleground state of Iowa – one of the last stops on my fall barnstorming tour for top conservative candidates – to give you a final update before November 4th. Here’s the latest.

  • Election Day is only 7 days away. We’re seeing encouraging early voting data here in Iowa and states like Colorado and Florida, but we still have A LOT of work to do.
  • We have focused like a laser for the last three and a half years on the economy – advancing real solutions to help create jobs, help promote higher wages, cut through needless red tape, and stop reckless government spending. Surveys show we have roughly a 10 point edge on Democrats when it comes to the economy.
  • The Democrats are still massively outspending us and we have until October 31st to fill our GOTV Victory Fund (Get Out The Vote) to win the ground game across the country.

Your support is critical, Fayne.   We have faced enormous end of month deadlines before, but this really is our LAST chance to make a big impact before polls close.   Our conservative candidates are gaining on incumbent Democrats in many late-breaking races—but we need you step up and chip in before it’s too late.




Integrity in Leadership

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