Why Bob Beauprez?

How important is it that we elect Bob Beauprez Colorado’s next Governor? For me, it was important enough to travel 5,122 miles with twin 2-year-olds to help him.

In 2002, I had the opportunity to work for Bob when he ran for Congress and won by 121 votes. And even though my husband is on military assignment in Stuttgart, Germany, I wanted to be here because I want to help elect leaders. I flew here because I want to believe in a better Colorado.

Will you join me and volunteer to encourage voters to turn in their ballots for Bob?

When you observe your home from such a distance, you see things from a different perspective. Unfortunately, I see time and again we are falling victim to advertising hype, electing people who don’t have a clue how to lead.

Colorado is fortunate. The 2014 Colorado ballot affords our voters the chance to elect an uniquely gifted leader. I feel fortunate that Bob was willing to enter the Gubernatorial race. Colorado is my home and I want the best for it. So does Bob.

I know, I know. Campaign ads get old and at a certain point the number of people knocking and calling can drive a person insane. But remember where you live. The United States thrives on freedom and freedom is hard work. We’re not afraid of hard work but we are starting to lose sight of the vision. Our elected officials are nothing more than a reflection of the voters who sent them there. If we don’t like what we’re getting then we had better start doing something different.

There is a fire in the American spirit, a wonderful instinct to question leadership. With one week to the election we need to start listening to that instinct. Are we questioning our Colorado leadership? Are we asking why we’re economically lagging behind neighboring states? Are we asking why our schools’ reading test scores are falling? Are we asking why the opinions of New York’s Mayor Bloomberg are playing a greater role in our state’s gun laws than our own Sheriffs? We need to start asking the tough questions.

Someday, my husband won’t be in the Army, and we’ll move back to Colorado. When I come back to Colorado, I want to be hopeful for the direction we are headed. When I come back to Colorado, I want to be excited to put my kids into our schools and to raise them in our towns. When I come back to Colorado, I want to recognize the state where I grew up.

We need a leader, a real leader, a strong leader. We need Bob Beauprez. He fights for what is right. He leads for the people, not for the party. He knows when to say ‘yes’, and he is not afraid to say ‘no.’ He leads with conviction and when he disagrees, it is with respect. If you like Bob, get out there and help turn out the vote!

If you don’t know Bob, read something about him. This is it. Campaigns last for a season. Elected officials impact our lives long after we’ve moved on to Christmas.

Get involved and make a difference for our state. Make a donation . Volunteer some time . Get the word out. VOTE!

I flew 5,122 miles. What will you do to help elect Bob?


Laura Stansbury
Army Mom and Beauprez supporter

P.S. No matter where you live, a donation of $10 is a great way to show your support!



Integrity in Leadership


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