Just a Reminder

I wanted to point out a few errors that are being seen on the ballots.

(1)  Make sure you sign the cover envelope

(2)  That you completely blacken out the little circle

(3)  Eventho there is only one candidate you must mark out the circle

(4)  Make sure you read the entire issue, some are confusion

(5)  Mark your ballots and get them in the mail, we must take back our nation and state.  Google “Rocky mountain heist”

(6)  Vote a straight Republican ticket, the way to go


State Questions and Issues:

YES on Amendment 67; the definition of life , protection of the unborn

NO  on  Amendment 68; legal horse racing and limited gaming

YES  on Prop 104; requiring open meetings between school board and employee representatives dealing with collective bargaining

NO on Prop 105; to requiring special labeling for genetically produced produce


County Questions and Issues:

NO  on 1A using excess tax for selected parks and other open spaces

NO  on 1C limiting the County Sheriff to two, four-year terms


Ellicott School District 22

NO on 3C increasing property taxes by 3.0 Mills or $75,000 per year for five years, over the current rate



Integrity in Leadership

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