Joe Coors


Dear Friends:

As a husband, father, grandfather, I’m concerned about the future of Colorado, which is why I have been a proud supporter of Bob’s candidacy since he announced back in March.

As you probably know, it’s a virtual dead-heat. But you can help — YOU can make a difference, not only in this race but in our future! I need you to do two favors for me please:

  1. VOTE— you should have received your ballot by now; fill it out. Vote for Bob and mail it back by November 4th.
  2. Make a contribution to Bob’s race. It’s not too late to make a difference — please, join me in supporting Bob with a gift of $10, $25 or whatever you can do. I promise that it will be invested well!

The 2014 Election is now just 13 days away. One of the most competitive gubernatorial races in the country is here in Colorado — in our own backyard.

Between now and election day, we need your support. Thanks for all you do.


Joe Coors

P.S. – Please consider contributing online TODAY to help us with our finance deadline tonight at mid-night!



Integrity in Leadership

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