Can’t stop whinning

I guess the Ear has failed to be a part of the Election effort. Yes, there is a way to replace me, run for the position yourself.  If you want to assist, read the blog, volunteer at the party headquarters.  They are asking for individuals to standup and do their part everyday.  The last time I checked your name was not there.   The four times we have passed out reading material you were no there, the days we passed out yard signs you again did not show you.  The  times we made telephone calls you did not ask for a sheet.  The emails I have sent out you did not respond.  There is still plenty of time still to get involved, 18 days.  Meet me at my house Sat morning and I’ll give you some pamphlets and you can knock on doors.  It really makes those that try, SICK of whiners.  No! I want resign, I’ll try harder.  Next year the position will be open, I’m moving up in responsibilities.  Come join me.  I can always use a gopher.

About the school board, don’t believe I said much about not being selected, did not believe I stood a remote chance, but I did interview and I believe I gave some good responses. What I did say was that the head and shoulders person was Mrs Wilson who did not get a single vote.  Isn’t that sad?  A board that continues to state we want the best and want the community to get involved made a clear statement.  We do not want anyone that can think.  It has been said that the past boards were made up of good-o-boys, it could not be a tighter good-o-boy club.  I wished I had a camera to get the board president with his head in his hands, laughing when Mr Gary Dahn said Mr Rehkopf, giving him four votes.

I again ask all my dinners to listen to the recordings, they were posted today. You have to go to the second page and click on the interview file.  As I stated a person evaluated/scored each of us and those that did get a vote were at the bottom.  Listen to the board members just before they voted, really listen to what/who they were going to vote for.

About the little yellow/black signs, it is not the signs it is where they are placed, illegally. Just imagine if I was sticking signs all over the place, in front of the ear’s house.  Is there a remote chance that he/she would not be screaming, foul.  Follow the laws!  Then you want to have whine. We are also waiting on a return call about the ability of charging the individual for having them removed, see a law-abiding citizen saw a board member and others assisting the aliens in putting them out.  PS; I  have mapped out maybe 20 alien signs, guess the Ear was having so much fun, lost count.  Should a school board member be campaigning for a ballot issue?

Moving on, I would greatly like to interview Mrs Twiss and will send a letter requesting some time since she has now been officially replaced. Republicans, I still have a number of hand-outs and a couple of yard sign ( notice yard signs not road signs) so stop by or wave me down.  Everyone should have received their ballots in the mail, if not call the election office  (719-575-8683) and ask why?  Also if you don’t want to put the stamps on the ballot, there is a drop off box in the parking lot at the Falcon Fire Station on Hwy 24. Y ou can drop off any ones as long as long as it is sealed.  As I have mentioned vote as soon as you decide so we can begin seeing results/number of votes.  Dropped my wife’s and mine off today, getting ready to celebrate.


Integrity in Leadership

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