A moment of silence——-please

What a great day, can anyone believe it is mid-October. I can’t, tending cows in a tee shirt.

Asked two questions today.

1) How do I feel that I did not get selected for the open seat?

2) Has my signs disappeared?

1) I’m great and thanks for asking.  I was disappointed at the outcome but totally not surprised.  The board was not looking for anyone that would upset their apple cart.  They even stated that they were looking for a person that would “FIT in”.  So I guess the three of us were not “fitters”.  But I can understand the four board members protecting their space.  Another surprise was how united the four were, not a single vote for the person that stood out.  There was an individual at the meeting that scored each one of us and one individual stood out on the score card.  I was told that I was too military in my responses. The selection was upside down.  The president even had to cover his mouth not to show his smiling.  All I can ask the citizens to do is listen to the recording, if it is posted, that will show you what level of integrity this board has.  Ask some of the principals, they were there, if the results surprised them.  But the expectations were low.

2) That was why the title, the county folks I spoke to said maybe by the end of the week, but the one at my house was grind up by the county mower. this morning as I watched, plus I didn’t have to mow the right of way.


So now we continue to tell the truth and blog about stuff.



Integrity in Leadership



PS maybe someone should file a CORA request for the four board members score/note documents. I believe they have to keep them for the records.

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