Meeting at the Watering hole——Y & B alert

This morning a few of the want-to-bees started a java discussion about the yellow & black signs that have pooped up all around town. The discussion hinged on who was doing it and why?  The who, some believed it was being funded by elected persons, but I said that they may not be real smart; but they aren’t that dumb.

To investigate the truth we must first try to understand who would profit from it and that there must be some profit in it or who would be funding the signs.  After some discussion we decided that the list was unlimited, so we moved on.  Next the discussion centered on aliens, yes outer space folks, little but in some cases very big folks; yellow and black in color.  Yes, yellow and black outer space good-o-boys, buzzing around in the dark pooping these little monitors.  Yes, monitors.  These little, what looks like yard signs are really taking data reading as you pass by.  These aliens are looking for no-named breeding host.  Now the important information; how to detect them.  The easiest way is during the night use a light and search the ditched, looking for yellow and black items slinking around on their bellies.  They look like nameless little cowards.  Also they may have a number of those yellow & black monitors under their flapper.  Be careful if you conform them, they may threaten you and call you names.

Seriously: isn’t it sad that whoever paid for these signs are so ashamed of the effort they seem to be supporting they want even put their names on it.  It could be those of us that are voting no and just using the signs to piss off the property owners.  Remember the school board paid over $7000.00 of your tax dollars to just to get this issue on the ballot, with as for as most can see no open support except themselves.  No one at the “community meeting”, no one at any board meeting and now no one who will put their names on the yellow & black signs.

The Chef is working full-time to develop a soup that will counter the alien’s  slim if you get slimed and are chosen.



Integrity in Leadership

and writer of humor

PS   It is also a crime to falsely report a crime.

remember if you see a sign, any sign in state county right-a-way’s you have the right to report that illegal signage to the county and they will remove it and trash it.  Here again is the number  719-520-6748

Quote:  TO some it is trash to others it is treasure

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