Bottomless pit

I guess I need to use bigger font, the Ear seems to either can’t read or just can’t tell the truth. Concerning the water wells, what was said was the SUPERINTENDENT should not be asking the questions.  And that the board paid a lawyer $$$$’s but did/would not listen to her.  Do one said anything about doing anything with the wells accept following the law.  Because you know someone will call the state!  Now little Ear, go back and read what was posted.

About the other falsehood, again read the words, until the board understands what is included in the term wells I would not sell them to anyone, but you also would need someone to buy them, they may not be worth much. But as stated before the board need to reach a point where they stop thinking they know more than the lawyers.  Listen to the recordings it will make you laugh.

I just can’t please the Little Ear, shehe I was asked what would I do; so I gave an example and then heshe comes back and want accept what I said. I’m real sorry.  But again heshe lies, the board just vote to buy 150 additional Ipads and protective covers, listen to the recordings; please.  By the way since heshe, has such an issue with me getting my fingers confused, no I want to say, what I was going to say.  But that just me!  But once again I’ll say what I have wrong with getting the entire Middle School Ipads.

  1. What will the new systems be used for.
  2. How will the new systems be managed.
  3. How will the new systems be maintained & updated.
  4. How will the organization provide software and software management
  5. How will the organization measure failure or success
  6. How will the users be evaluated (teachers)
  7. What is the organization’s measurement for success
  8. Who will evaluate the value of the investment


I was apart (at the time) with the largest web-based functional training program for the Air Force Reserves. The system was worldwide and supported 50+ sites and unlimited individuals.  I was responsible of securing funding and justifying long-term maintains/support.  We had to defend every penny.  As I stated before, I support Mr Smith, but felt that he was not required to defend and prove to himself or the community, why.  He and the other person show excitement but was not required to justify this project over the baseball field.  The board failed the community and the students again.  A big yes to whether this is a sign of a leader, no organization jumps off the investment mountain without researching it to the fullest.  Mr Ear have you ever managed an organization? I ask the four board members if they have ever managed an organization that sought or depended  on outside money?  I thank not.  That is why I’m interviewing for the open seat, I have, many.  A responsibility that this board seems to have forgotten, they are responsible for the taxpayers tax dollars, not just the school system.  In my brief research there are as many schools that see this step as a somewhat miss step as those that believe it was successful.  You have to know what the end goals are and I don’t think this group of four has any idea.  We will see at 5pm Tue.   I will be aggressive in my interview.  Really my position was to set off in a controlled group and then once proven increase.  We now have 300 Ipads and in our case a complete school’s dependence.  My bet is if unsuccessful the investment will be too high to “move on”.

Create a program where they first entered an all day english class, once they became capable they would enter the system. They should be assisted at home but never mentioned home.

If a child is under successful have them/parents sign a contract. If they did not, send out the counselors.  Then call child services.

You can’t make anyone “learn”, look at all the time I have invested at trying with the EAR.

The state defines what is required.

They would be standing in the parking lot.

Those that exceeded the established goals. Yes there are winners and losers.

Specials Needs ——FIRST

I would discuss joining Calhan’s project.

Yes, I have and can read, don’t insult me any more. But as other schools are doing challenge the state and the establishment, get beyond Common Core, demand the right to control your own local school system.  Stop being cowards, it like no pray before the board meetings, just give up.

“He is not a leader; many question if he is a man”. STAND IN FRONT OF ME AND SAY THAT, look  who is known as no-name. An individual that slander citizens that is ashamed of their name.  One that maybe hiding behind others,  Only cowards but, we have always known what the Ear is, and maybe Tue will be the day we us our fingers to point heshe out.  He or she may be there



Integrity in Leadership

PS I hope little yellow signs want change the citizens opinions, if so that is what freedom is all about.  Maybe I’ll get some blue ones or see who is funding the yellow ones, might be surprised.  There are legal requirements, you can’t just put up signs.

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