What would I do

Thanks Guys for a great coffee break, good discussions. I’ll be up for days because of all the caffeine.

A couple of the discussion topic was the district’s water wells and the superintendent. Concerning the water wells, we all agreed that, “NO one had any idea”  the school board is lost.  My understanding is that all four of them live on water wells and seem to not understand the laws.  I listened to the lawyer at one meeting and she tried her best to explain the use of each well, but it just didn’t sink in.  It was like a group of kids that had already made up their minds and did not want to hear.  At one point she got tense trying to explain it and stopped.  I have no idea how much the board was and has paid her, but water lawyers aren’t cheap.  She now want talk to the board or superintendent, wonder why?  This board will see how much the states manages the water laws when someone complains about the district over using the water rights.  Now the Super, No one at first supported him, because we were all Mr Ebert supporters and was against seeking out only individuals with doctorates.  Yes, most raised their hands for Dr Cullen once this was determined that one of the four were going to be selected.  The SOS group wanted to re-announce and keep a temporary Super for six months or so.  But the board was in a hurry to select and get Mr Ebert on the road.  I’m not a total Cullen supporter but he has done some very good things, as long as failing to join the community together, but is that his job.  I believe he or the board has placed some odd task on his plate.  The water wells being one of them, the sports programs, isn’t he to manage education?  I understand that he is having problems with some of the current board members and if true unprofessional actions between superintendent and board members is a bad thing.


Last night’s special meeting was changed at some point. Three citizens entered the board meeting last night about 10min to 7:00 and the meeting was over.  A lot of back patting and chat but no meeting being conducted, when I asked Dr Cullen said the meeting had been changed to 5pm.  Surprise to ALL the guest, surprise to ALL the citizens, the reason was that “we were all here for the ribbon cutting”.  So was two of the three citizens, not sure the third person was in fact a guest.  Not a single board member showed any respect by just saying we are sorry you didn’t get the word.  It is not like the board meetings are well attended.  It was as if the board does not want citizens to attend.  Most meeting are attended by less than 5 and most the time it is 3.


So back to the title, what would I do, I would not have approved 300 Ipads for the middle school. The board has directly linked the future of the new middle school to Apple and the pad.  Why do you think Apple sells them to schools so cheap.  The school board made the connection with little to no knowledge of how, what, where.  I like Mr Smith but it was like watching a group of excited kids with 300 new toys.  I read the “documentation” from the steering group and no commercial organization would ever invest a large  percentage of their dollars with so little understanding of the future.  It sounds good the kids are excited about a new school and new Ipads, what’s next?  That money could have been used on the track, but again we will just turn to the citizens and ask for more money.  Mr Smith did not want to decide which class got the Ipads so we bought everyone an Ipad.  The School board wants to make everyone happy so we will just build a bigger Christmas tree.



Integrity in Leadership

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