One of the six

Cory Gardner is our saving grace!  He will be one of the 6 that will put Obama back in his little office, with his golf clubs.  Yes it would be a better place if he did stay on the golf course.

Comment:  This is the man!  When you mark out the little circle in front of Cory Gardner name just go down a little further and mark out the NO circle in front of  amend 68, then NO in front of Proposition 104, then Proposition 105, then NO on the person is definition and then finally NO for 3C .  If it says this is for education then vote no, not because we are against education or funding it, we are against individuals that lie to us about education.  Education has become the buzz word to make you feel bad about voting NO.  It is time to send the beggars home, without our money. It is like you hate kids, because you don’t want to give money to every cause from their hungry little mouths. We , I mean some of you, not me) voted for Mr Hudson and the Dahns and McWilliams so tell them to make the hard decisions and manage the district with the money they told us a few months ago they needed.  Did they make a mistake, whatever balance your checkbook and live within you means or resign.


Integrity in Leadership

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