What about the Kids of METRO

What about the Kids of METRO? What about the Kids of Metro!!!!  Apparently a question asked by Mr Ear.    Now mr ear read this carefully, my response is, NOT UNLESS THEY WANT THEM TO BE.  It is called charity, one who gives because they want too.  I guess with all the shit that the ear throws around he believes that all should give even if they don’t care too.  Now this is third hand, but as fall as I can tell correctly, Metro has been using the District’s fields and equipment for years and this is the first time they have matched funds.  Who signed that agreement?  Folks you and I give to individuals and organizations WE choose to give to and support, that called freedom.  To be force to give you money is called illegal taxation, wasn’t there a big war fought a few hundred years ago over just that?  That’s right the Ear does not know his history.  Take my word it did.  If the Ear wants to pass the plate I’ll give, but not the District’s educational funds.  I’m getting a little tired of everyone with their hands out.  I bet the Ear has his hands out all the time.  I call it whining………..

Guess what I don’t whine, I do not scream and I never said it was bad for me. What I have said I’m tired of some elected officials lying, hurting others and getting away with it.  I am tired of no one taking responsibility for their actions.  Parents being responsible for their children; but not young adults over 18.  What I have said is its’ bad for the kids that don’t play sports.  What are they getting?  I suggest if they becomes a real need for increasing taxes people will be tired of the board crying wolf.  I have not yet attacked the Board; what I have done is point out failures as I see them and I will continue to do so as I expect some to do when I’m on the board (haha).  The truth will not go away.  Mr Ear what community activities are you talking about?

Again I ask, why should the taxpayers of this District pay money out of their children’s education funds for Metro. Metro collects money from their sources.   Are the District’s facilities part Metro?  If so where does their money show up in the budget?  Maybe I have missed it. They use facilities for nothing.  I’m tired of hearing just because I have no children attending District 22 I don’t care or have a voice.  Folks I care more than many of the parents with children, I care more than most.  I care because God has been very good to me, I care because that is the way my parents taught me to be.  My father said to me once after a church meeting, “God knows what you have done for others, you don’t have to brag about it, he knows.” I will repeat, I want 75% of our students to be proficient or above.  When that happens maybe then it will be time to do other things.  Like a rodeo arena, bet you would have more join in than the football field.

I had a 15 minute chat with Dr Cullen after this evening ( another story) meeting, I ask him what TCAP results pleased him and his answer was “growth, double-digit”.  I was a little set back, so I asked him why does the subject results not concern him and his answer was those will come.  Folks I’m concerned about all those children that are today below proficiency.  I hope it will come in the future.

McDowell will continue to scream and write , yes I will, because I do care and a little two-bit blogger will not redirect me. Next week you will receive your ballots, read them carefully, research , read the county paper and the state’s blue book and make the choice you feel comfortable with.   Vote for the nation you want for your children, vote for the individuals that make you feel comfortable voting for.  Even if you don’t agree with 100% of a person positions, chose the individual you have the closes alignment with your core values.  I have and will vote NO for amend 105 and 68 and no on 3C.

Next Tue 14 Oct those of us that would like to fill Mrs Twiss’ seat will interview in front of the board. I see this as my time not just to interview but to confront with my answers some of the board members.  I look forward to the time.


Integrity in Leadership


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